Thursday, June 12, 2008


I bought new shampoo yesterday. Truth be told, I’m really excited about it. It’s called “Calm,” and the reason I bought it is because it was the shampoo they gave out at the hotel I stayed at in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago with my sister. I got so excited about this shampoo and how it made my hair look so smooth and smell so great that when I got home I looked it up online to see where I could buy it. I couldn’t find anywhere around here that sold it, so I actually thought I would end up ordering it online. I liked it that much.

But yesterday I was strolling through Target with Maggie, my youngest, and I said, “Hey, let me just see if they have that shampoo I liked,” and lo and behold, they did! Now, I would not normally spend $10 on a bottle of shampoo, but if this shampoo delivers on what its name promises, I’m in business. “Calm.” Ahhhh.

It’s summer. The kids are home. What am I thinking?

This morning I could hardly wait to pop out of bed and wash my hair using my new calming shampoo. It was kind of like the feeling I get on the first day after a new haircut. I truly enjoy washing all the little flecks of hair out and styling my hair the way I like it, rather than the bouffant that the stylist prefers.

So I jumped out of bed, anticipating my moment with the shampoo, but there were a couple of things I needed to do first. These are part of my morning routine, usually. I have to check email—just to see who thought about me overnight. It’s usually the folks at Pottery Barn or Zappos who are up all night thinking about me, but oh well. And I have to check my calendar to see what’s up for the day because overnight my brain cells float away and I can’t ever remember what I have to do from day to day.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. I started shampooing, breathing in the heavenly scent of the “Calm” shampoo, and really starting to feel its effects. I wonder what they put in that stuff?

Apparently not enough of whatever it is. Because before I knew it I was anything but calm as I thought through my day ahead.

Father’s Day cards. Must get Father’s Day cards. Basketball camp at 10:30. Badminton camp at 1:30. Interview at 1:45. Birthday party at 4. Meeting at 7. Laundry. Cleaning. Oh, and we have no food. Must go to the grocery store.

By the time I stepped out of the shower I had completely lost all sense of the calming effect of my new shampoo.

But you know what? As I dried my hair this morning I felt different. Maybe it was the $10 shampoo making me feel like a goddess, like some sort of pampered person with sweet smelling hair.

I kept swishing my head around so I could get a whiff of the beautiful scent, and I’ve been swishing my head around all day, just reminding myself that in the midst of this crazy time we call summer, I should try to remain calm. That is, after all, what summer is all about. Right?

So if you’re in the grocery store today, and you notice a crazy woman swishing her hair around, it’s probably me, trying to stay calm.

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