Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yes, Another Mom Blog

I’ve been considering writing a blog for a while now, and I’ve finally decided that the time has come. I’m a little nervous and a little scared because I don’t know how to do this, so I’ll just start by introducing myself.

Who am I? A mom to three beautiful girls and a wife to one wonderful man. I’m stubborn, opinionated, capable, and fiercely protective of my children. I love to cook, to read, and to travel.

Sometimes I’m a teacher, although I have never taught in a high school, as I thought I would. After a truly hellacious student teaching experience while in graduate school, I ended up working in fundraising at my alma mater. As God would have it, I was asked to teach adjunct there and have happily done so, off and on, for the past 16 years. I only teach as my schedule allows, so it’s a pretty good gig. I love teaching. I love standing in front of a classroom of eager freshmen, hearing their stories, helping them formulate opinions, and showing them that writing is not rocket science. I don’t so much enjoy grading papers, but it’s part of the job. I am currently not teaching, and don’t know when I will again, but the teaching is a big part of me.

Why start a blog? I know, there are probably thousands of blogs out there written by women just like me. In fact, I KNOW there are thousands of blogs out there written by women just like me. So why bother? To be perfectly honest, it’s for me. I have spent the past 16 years of my life taking care of my kids. I have loved about 98% of it. But I have spent the past 16 years focusing so much on the needs of others that I feel like I’ve lost some of me along the way. I guess you could call it a crisis of identity. Midlife. Kids all in school. Still staying at home. I need something to do (just kidding!). And along with that, I have felt a bothersome itch about writing for the past few years. Sure, I have kept a journal. I have attended writing conferences. I have written a few stories. But I am probably the most undisciplined person in the world, so the stories stay neatly locked away, unfinished, in my computer. And the book I carry around inside of me never gets written. I’m hoping that by starting a blog I’ll develop some sense of discipline. So, again, writing this blog is for me. Selfish, I know, but I’m to the point that I just have to do it or I will probably always wonder. I don’t have too many preconceived notions about what this blog will look like. I only just started reading the blogs of others about two weeks ago, so I don’t know much about this. I don’t fool myself that anyone will actually read it (that’s probably a good thing) or that I will achieve some sort of blogging fame from this, whatever that is. I just need to scratch that writing itch. That’s all.

What will it look like? I don’t really know. I guess that’s the good thing about a blog—you just write and see what happens. I know I’ll write about my interests: my family, cooking, travel, books, and . . . ahem . . . politics and religion. I can’t help it. I’m interested! But I’ll probably also write about everyday stuff. I hope I don’t bore you, but, truthfully, I really don’t care because this blog is for ME. Yes, I hope to encourage, inspire, challenge, but I hope to gain those things as well.

So, here I go. Jumping off the cliff into the blogosphere . . .

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  1. Good for you! You're a great writer -- why not have a blog? That's the great thing about the blogosphere; there's always room for one more voice. Found you via your comment on "et tu?". I look forward to visiting again!