Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bag ladies

I have to admit, I like having older kids. The baby thing was just O.K. for me. I like it when the kid can talk back (did I just say that?!).

Another thing I like is living close to the library. It's an eight block walk straight down our street--you'll run right into it.

Today my three "big" kids have taken off on their bikes to the library, leaving me in the peace and tranquility of my home. I have a few things to do while they're gone, but I wanted to show you this picture I took just before they left.

Aren't the the cutest you've ever seen? The bags, I mean. These are the girls' library bags because, well, everyone should have a cute library bag, doncha think?

Kate and I bought them at Cath Kidston when we were in London last spring. Oh how we love Cath Kidston! We just had a blast in the store in Covent Garden, oohing and aahing over the beautiful prints and the cute bags. So, of course, we had to have some.

Kate's is made of oil cloth--so cute!--and the others are just a lightweight cotton fabric but still adorable. And perfect for the library.

Someday I'll have to show you my Cath Kidston market bag. I absolutely love it.

Yes, we're bag ladies and proud of it!

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  1. Sigh...I keep wondering if that day will ever come for me. :) It's bittersweet when they get to that age...not as many lap cuddles, but you DO get the free time. But is that really a fair trade? :)