Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dry as a Bone; I might as well cook

Must write today. Must write today. Must put something down on paper and write today.

I knew it would hit, but after just a few weeks I feel dry. I can't think of a single significant thing to say.

It might be because I am coming off the two busiest weeks of my summer so far. Or it may be because I'm heading into two more very busy weeks.

Today feels like a bit of a breather. And it makes it hard to think of things to write.

I'm sitting at my desk, trying to make it through the piles of paper that have collected here when I've been crazy-busy with other things. I'm almost able to see the bottom. Almost. It's storming out, and my kids are all otherwise occupied, so it's a good catch-up day.

But nothing's coming. No ideas. No nuggets of truth. No plummeting the depths of my soul. Nothing.

So where do I turn for inspiration? Why, my dad, of course! This is what he told me a couple of weeks ago: "Shell, people really seem to like recipes. You should put more recipes on your blog."

Well, Dad, king of the blogosphere, this one's for you!

Pulled Pork
1 3-4 pound pork roast
1 Cup water
1 18-oz. bottle of BBQ sauce (whatever you like best)
1/4 C. brown sugar
1 T. Tabasco sauce
1 t. salt
1 t. pepper
Place the pork roast in a crock pot and pour water over it. Season with some salt and pepper if you like. Cook on low for several hours (7 or 8?) or until the meat falls apart. (You can also roast it in the oven at about 325 for about 5 hours if you prefer.) When meat is tender, shred it in the crock pot, then add remaining ingredients. Cook on low for one more hour. Serve on buns.

This is one of our favorite recipes, and it feeds a crowd pretty well. Hope you enjoy it!

And come back tomorrow when I'm, hopefully, more inspired.


  1. Thanks for the hello on my blog. You will love your trip to Adelboden (I think) :).
    We have really enjoyed our experiences here and will leave someday with wistfulness and missing the mountains here.
    Plan for mixed weather (waterproof jacket/windbreaker)- it seems everyday has been a mix of sun and thunderstorms. Kind of like living in the MidWest again. God Bless and may He enrich your mountain-top experience with Wycliffe. Bring your camera - teh wildflowers are incredible this year if you're into that sort of thing. I'm hoping to help with Worship for the EFCA Global church planting conf. in Oct. (Hungary) myself. Praying for childcare so I can go.
    Best Wishes, Susan O.

  2. Hey you crazy girl... call your mama again, I'm back.

    And have mercy you have a recipe. Why do we women love food so much?

    I think I'll try your pulled pork sometime!

    Sweet blessings!