Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Three Letters from Camp

One week ago yesterday I dropped my baby off at the bus that would take her to camp for the first time ever. This is always a big step for me . . . letting go. But let's be honest here, what mother doesn't have trouble letting go?

So you can imagine my delight at receiving THREE letters from camp yesterday, all written on different days.

Letter 1:

“Dear Fam, Camp is great! My counselors are great! The girls in my cabin are great! My cabin is even great! I passed my swimming test. I even like the food. Love you! Maggie”

Well, now, wasn’t I the smartest mommy EVER to send my daughter to such a lovely place? Everything’s great! She’s having such a wonderful time. She’s having new experiences and meeting new people, even trying new foods, which, for Maggie, who doesn’t even like cheese—have you ever heard of a kid who didn’t like cheese?—is a real step forward. I just knew sending her to camp was the best decision I ever made.

Letter 2:

“Dear Fam, AARRGGHH!! Allergies! Last night we were going to sleep in the barn on the other side of camp, but my allergies kicked in and we had to leave. I think I disappointed all the girls in my cabin.”

Wait a minute! I paid HOW MUCH money for this camp and now she’s sleeping in a BARN?

“One of my counselors made me go back to take a shower to get all the dust off of me. That helped my eyes not be so swollen.”

Well, at least she’s had ONE shower this week.

“So we left the barn and went to another campsite, but the dust and ash from the campfire made my allergies even worse. So much for that shower! Love, Maggie”

Gosh, camp sounds rough. All that moving around, and showering. Looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me after she gets back. It’s so hard to get that campfire smell out of their clothes.

Letter 3:

“Dear Fam, Well, my eyes are still red and itchy, but I’m carrying my inhaler around with me wherever I go. I’m getting pretty good at taking it by myself.”

So . . . I see that the nurse is getting a little loosey-goosey with handing out the drugs. Things must be pretty bad if she has to carry that inhaler with her all the time. Gee, she hasn’t used that thing in over a year—I hope the medicine is still effective.

“Today I tipped over a canoe—that was sure fun! And this afternoon I’m going to try riflery—can you believe they’re going to trust me with a gun?!”

HOLD ON A SECOND! Tipping over a canoe in the middle of a lake that is probably 23 feet deep is one thing, but trusting that child with a gun is another thing all together. This is the kid who won’t even walk to school by herself! I guess if she learns some gun-handling skills she could take one with her if she ever decides to grow up and walk alone.

“Three days down, seven to go.”

This is where she inserted a chart with three hash marks on one side (three down, get it?) and seven on the other.

“I really miss you. Love, Maggie”

Enough to make a mother’s heart melt.

Two more days and I’m coming to get you, Maggie! I miss you too.

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