Monday, August 4, 2008

Proud Mama

The really cool thing about being a mom and watching your kids grow up is that sometimes they don't turn out exactly as you thought they would.

And that's a GOOD thing!

I am incredibly, unbelievably proud of all three of my girls. The longer you read my blog, the more you will see this. They are all amazing and smart and capable (if I do say so myself!). They will all do great things in this world.

Sometimes, though, I think our dreams for our kids are just too small. I mean, if Kate, my oldest, ends up doing what I think she can do in her life, she'll be a doctor or a lawyer or the President of the United States. But she has little interest in medicine or law or politics. How weird is that?

Forever she has been interested in books. You couldn't wrestle a book away from that girl from the time she could read (which was early, of course!). You still can't. Voracious just doesn't even begin to describe her.

But suddenly Kate has developed a new passion for art. Go figure . . . ART. When I think about this I have to be very careful that I don't suddenly fall into the attitude my dad took when I announced to this very practical farmer that I was going to be majoring in literature in college. He was incredulous, asking, "What are you going to do, read BOOKS for a living?" Yeah, something like that. I guess Kate is going to scrapbook for a living.

And it looks like she might.

This summer we both started to blog at the same time. Our blogs are, to put it mildly, quite different.

And that's O.K. Why would she want to write about being a mom? And why would I want to write about . . . whatever it is she writes about?

Anyway, I just wanted to point you to Kate's blog, if you're so inclined, because she is, I am learning this summer, incredibly talented.

And I am, in case you hadn't guessed, not only surprised but also incredibly proud.

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  1. aw, momma, you're so nice! haha, no, i will not be making scrapbooks for a living ;)

    but i just might end up reading books for a living...kinda like you ;)

    love you!!