Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Who???

McCain has picked his running mate and everyone is surprised. Is it because she’s from Alaska? Maybe. Because she’s young? Possibly. Because she’s conservative? Definitely.

Count me among the surprised ones. I’d never even heard of Sarah Palin before this morning. If anyone had asked me who the governor of Alaska was I would have had no clue.

But as the day has gone on we are learning more and more about Sarah Palin. That she’s first and foremost a wife and mother. She loves the outdoors (duh, she’s from Alaska!). She’s a Christian. She’s a member of the NRA (whatever). She’s an athlete (or at least she was when she was in high school). She’s a member of PTA. She’s intelligent. She’s well-spoken (did you hear that speech?!).

She’s a lot of things.

And today, for the first time in a long time, I feel validated.

John McCain has chosen a woman a lot like me to stand beside him, and I find that interesting and, strangely, empowering. No, I’m not Governor of Alaska—I’m not Governor of Anything—and I certainly don’t like camping, but Sarah Palin and I have a lot more in common than Hillary and I or Michelle and I.

We share the same values.

For so long the media has put Conservative women in a box—a bread box. The media would have you believe that Conservative women are non-thinking, barefooted, “yes-dear” kind of women who hang out in the kitchen all day. June Cleaver who has not evolved. (Hello! Ever heard of Starbucks?? Some of us hang out there!)

But I know lots and lots of Conservative-thinking women who are lots and lots of things. Boring or unimaginative is not one of them.

Among the Conservative women I know, some are teachers, some are lawyers, some are doctors. Some choose to stay home with their children; others choose to work. Some like rock music; some like classical. Some are athletes; others are soccer-moms. Some drive huge SUVs; some drive Hybrids (I, unfortunately, drive a mini-van).

What I’m getting at here is that Conservative women of Sarah Palin’s generation cannot be put into the box that the media would like to put us in. We are strong. We are opinionated. We are smart. We are well-educated. And even so, we look at life through a Conservative lens. Our Conservative values guide the choices we make. And while the media might not understand these choices, they don’t automatically make us stupid.

So here is a woman who has taken the same stand I have—to be Conservative. And she has been chosen to potentially be the second-most powerful person in the country.

I’m suddenly very interested in this election. . . .


  1. I totally hear what you are saying. I am sure she is a wonderful woman with great values, I don't have a problem with that... I do think that with McCain's age, we have to think about her actually being president of our country, and that scares the geebers out of me.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! And a couple months later, welcome to the mommyblogoshpere! :)

    Like this post. I've been interested in the race and this just kicked it up a notch.