Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life Just Gets In the Way

I was reminded by my two readers this week that, no, it ISN'T September 11th anymore and that they are looking for the rest of the Patricia Palaco story.

Well, sorry sistahs (literally), the story will have to wait. Life kind of got in the way.

As you well know, Mom and Dad came for a few days and, being the dutiful daughter that I am, I spent the better part of the past four days cooking and driving and sweeping dog hair off the floor because Dad can't stand the dog and it's just one little thing I can do to help him kind of not hate her so much. But I've enjoyed every minute of their visit, and now they're gone--on their way to Norway or Stockholm or Iceland--I don't know, somewhere cold.

I can't imagine.

Anyway, life continues to get in the way because in anticipation of the weekend ahead (in which B and I get away to Aspen for four days--whee!)I have a lot to do.

Like get the emissions tested on my car.

And actually think about leaving some food for my girls and their kid-sitter.

Oh, and pack a suitcase.

So, dear sistahs, Patricia will have to wait, but fear not--I am taking my laptop to Aspen with me and I plan to spend a lot of time writing while B is in meetings.

So, go ahead, live your life without me for a couple of days. You can do it. Heck, you've been doing it!

I'll be back.

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