Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today Really IS September 11, Isn't It?

You wouldn’t know by turning on the T.V. this morning. As I sometimes do, I turn on Good Morning America or The Today Show, depending on who has the most interesting story at the time, while I’m getting ready in the morning.

It’s important to be informed and beautiful at the same time.

But while I was putting on my makeup at 7:00 this morning I suddenly realized that it was 9/11. A day that should hold some fairly large significance to all of us in this country.

For some reason, ABC didn’t think the events of seven years ago were important enough to remember because they started off their morning with some story about Sarah Palin. I’m sorry, but today, WHO CARES???

Well, I thought, Maybe it’s just an oversight. I’m magnanimous that way.

So I switched over to NBC. Surely the Today Show would have some sort of commemoration of the event that took place literally DOWN THE STREET from them.

Nope. It was worse. Much worse. They had a story about a base jumper (for those of you not in-the-know, as I was not, a base jumper is basically a parachuter). Anyway, supposedly this guy crashed and lived to tell about it. Sorry, but WHO CARES???

So, let’s check CBS. Nope. They were more concerned with a solar taxi, being green and all as they are.

All three of the major networks led their 7:00 a.m. hour with stories other than the tragedy that took place on their doorstep seven years ago. Can we all say “incredulous”? Because that’s what I was this morning.

I finally turned to Fox News Channel and found not just basic coverage of 9/11, but a recounting of the minutes surrounding the main events of the day. Steve Doocy said that Fox only plays the footage of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center once a year—on 9/11—because, while Fox doesn’t want to exploit what happened and give the terrorists more coverage than they deserve, they also want us to remember.

Fox News Channel also played the various commemorative events that took place around the country from the World Trade Center where they read off every name of every victim who died there, to Shanksville, PA where United Flight 93 was crashed to the ground thanks to some extremely heroic efforts, to the Pentagon where the first 9/11 memorial was unveiled today.

(To be fair, other cable news outlets like MSNBC and CNN ran coverage of the day as well, but I didn’t watch those.)

Today I spent the morning with my dear friend, Amy, with whom I spent the morning seven years ago. After I dropped my older two at school on that day, I drove to Amy’s house. As soon as she answered the door, we fell into each other’s arms, just sobbing, not knowing what to do next. We spent a couple of hours glued to her television, fearful for the future, uncertain. Today we recalled that morning, as we do every year. It was a kind of stone of remembrance in our friendship.

I think often of that day seven years ago. Thankful that God provided someone special for me to be with that morning—He knew I would need that. And remorseful that that day would change everything, forever.

I’m glad Fox News decided to spend the day focusing on September 11. Really, we can live without election coverage for one day. Our world will not stop spinning if we don’t know what Barack Obama had for lunch or if John McCain took a nap this afternoon.

Tomorrow they can get back at it, but for today, let’s just remember.

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