Saturday, September 6, 2008

Would you go back?

I went back to high school this week.

Just for a night—don’t get excited. I wouldn’t go back to high school no matter how much you offered to pay me.

B and I attended curriculum night this week. The biggest social event of the year here in town, after the “Cream”—a 5K run to benefit our local petting zoo (and, no, I’m REALLY not kidding!). All of the parents of high schoolers get dressed up and hit the hallways.

This year was kind of different because B and I had to split up. One of us became a junior for the night, and one of us became a freshman. B chose to be a junior because he wanted to go to AP Microeconomics. Geek.

So, for an evening this week, I got to be a freshman. No . . . better than that . . . I got to be the PARENT of a freshman.

I got to see a Smart Board in geometry class. For those of you who don’t know, a Smart Board is a big board in the front of the room that can be used to project the teacher’s computer on the screen. The cool thing about it, though, is that it’s interactive. The teacher only has to touch the screen and it does what she wants it to do. Truly amazing technology.

I also got to hear from the principal about the many activities that my kids can be involved in at school this year. And about how chaperones will be closely monitoring the Homecoming dance this year to make sure everyone dances “appropriately.” Yeah, right.

And best of all I got to hear about how to access my daughter’s grade online. Cool!

She, of course, doesn’t think that’s cool at all.

My favorite part of curriculum night, though, was observing the other parents. We saw nerdy parents, “cool” parents, parents holding hands in the hallway, parents who sat in the front row, and parents who sat in the back row. One parent was working on his Blackberry while the science teacher was giving her presentation (O.K., he is a doctor, but come on!).

Everyone had obviously given careful thought to their attire for the evening. Some moms wore skirts; some dads wore khakis. Other parents went with the more “casual” approach to the evening, donning jeans and sweaters. No matter what they wore, everyone had their own “look.” Just like high school.

B and I had a great time guessing what each parent’s kid was like. There’s the dad with the pocket protector—parent of the science geek, of course. The quiet dad wearing the baseball cap . . . parent of the basketball star. The over-tanned, over-dyed, over-processed mom with the skin-tight jeans and too-tight top was the parent of . . . well, she just wishes she were still in high school.

As for me, I’ll keep adulthood, thank-you-very-much. One time around in high school was enough for me.

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