Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anything for the P's

On Monday morning one of the girls opened the refrigerator door and said, "Ugh, Mom, something has gone really, really bad in there!"

That afternoon, after a flurry of errands, dodging raindrops, and one blown-off lunch (thanks a lot!) I came home to this:

I just couldn't take it anymore--the smell, my family's complaints, and the fact that my parents are flying in today (that's pretty much what it takes to get me to clean out my fridge . . . parental pressure) all came together in what they call a "perfect storm." It had to be done.

Now, by taking a look at that picture you can learn a lot about me.

Number one: I like dairy. Of all kinds. Notice the whipping cream container--I didn't even have plans for the cream, it just sounded good one day when I was at the store. And somewhere back there is a container of Half and Half too, just in case I ran out of real cream. Funny thing is, I take my coffee black! And should things get completely desperate, there's also milk . . . and cheese . . . and eggs.

Number two: I don't like to use Tupperware . . . much. You notice the very large soup pot? Yup, just too lazy to transfer the soup to the appropriate container. I think the pot is appropriate. And the Chinese containers? Well, if it was good enough for the restaurant, it's good enough for me. Actually, I prefer the Glad disposable containers because when I find unidentifiable meat in one, I don't feel tooooooo bad just tossing it out. Like I did on Monday.

Number three: Well, this should be obvious. I consider cleaning my fridge a useless exercise that is largely a waste of time. I mean, seriously, the minute things get tidied up in there the refrigerator mice come out and mess everything up again. The next time you open the door it looks just like the way you left it BEFORE you cleaned it out. Honestly!

Well, with my hopes high that the refrigerator mice had indeed gone packing for the summer, I mustered up some courage and dove in.

Baked beans? When did we have baked beans?

Chicken? I shudder to think what would have happened if someone had actually found it and eaten it.

Well, after unloading much of the contents of that nasty refrigerator, wiping everything down, and replacing the few items that were actually still edible, here's what I had.

Ahhhh, the peace and tranquility of a clean refrigerator. Until I closed the door and the mice did their thing again.


  1. Hi Shelly, I came to visit you then I realised I had already been here! I read your Eagles posts last week!
    This is a good post, so often we fill our lives with stuff we 'might need' or 'cant throw out' but after a re-think and spending time cleaning out we are much more usable and refreshing instead of contaminating :)

  2. I despise cleaning the fridge.

    My favorite storage container? Zip loc bags. Of course, some things must go in a container with sides, but everything else goes in a bag (for easy disposal later).