Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Sentence of the Week

My middle daughter, Abby, is a hoot. She makes me laugh on a regular basis.

She's also a quiet, listening type of person. She observes. She listens. She notices things.

A long time ago, probably a year or two, she started coming home from school with the "Random Sentence of the Day." It could be anything, as long as she had heard it sometime that day and it was, indeed, random. I've been the "victim" of Abby's RSOD many times.

So, in honor of Abby, and . . . well . . . O.K., to steal her idea, I'm instituting a "Random Sentence of the Week" on Fridays. Usually it will be a truly random sentence, but other times it could just be a sentence I like.

This week's entry is a sentence I heard from a woman in my Bible study group that I thought was priceless and completely sums up my feelings:

"Change is really great. . . . You go first."

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