Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Things That Make Me Happy

I guess it's a random kind of day. And a day to steal other's ideas.

Yesterday Sophie at Boo Mama listed some random things that make her happy, so I thought I'd run my own list. Remember, it's random. I could come up with lots of other things on any other random day.

-My family which includes my always-generous husband and three delightfully fun and interesting daughters.

-Laughter, every day

-Books and time to read them

-Cousins Christmas


-Chicago pizza

-Reality t.v.

-My town in the summer

-My town in the fall


-My friends

-Coffee, strong and black

-Vanilla bean Frappucino with a shot

-Kiawah Island

-Travel of any kind but especially to Europe

-Long talks with my girls

-When the lightbulb goes on (in my head or my students’ heads)

-Buddy Holly

-The Trifecta: clean sheets, clean pajamas, shaved legs

-Thunder the Wonder Dog

-The smell of burning leaves

-My alma mater

-Holding hands with my husband in church

1 comment:

  1. I am loving reading all of the lists Boo Mama inspired! (and I am enjoying my own cup of strong black coffee to boot!)