Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Remember way back in July? How could you--I didn't have any readers back then.

Just to refresh your memory, I wrote this post about Kate calling us from Costa Rica to tell us that her flight was cancelled and that she wouldn't be returning from her missions trip until about 24 hours after we thought she would. We were glad to know that she was safe, and we were happy to pass the news on to the other parents of kids in her group.

Now, about the SECOND collect call she made . . . ? The one a few hours later just to tell us they were getting on the plane to Miami . . . ? The one when B kept her on the line for a while, just chatting it up about her experience . . . ? The one when I kept telling him to HANG UP THE PHONE . . . ?

Not only did I not know they still DID collect calls, I didn't know how much a collect call from Costa Rica would cost. I do now though. Oh, yes I do.

Wanna make a guess?

We didn't talk for more than three minutes each time.

So I guess that would be, oh, about $13.00 per MINUTE.

Yep, the bill came and the calls from Costa Rica cost over $40 EACH.

Can we all say "aye carumba" together now??

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