Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Travel Tuesday - How It All Began

I think it was somewhere in Scotland.

B and I had been driving throughout England and Scotland in 2005 with my sister and brother-in-law, each couple celebrating our 20th wedding anniversaries. B and I had been to England together, once before, pre-kids, and we were reminiscing about that wonderful trip.

Backpacks. Youth Hostels. Trains. No money.

In 1991 we spent two glorious weeks traveling around England and Scotland and did the entire trip, airfare included, for $2,500.

My, how the times had changed. We packed rolling suitcases this time, stayed in the nicest accommodations we could afford (even in a castle for two nights!), drove an SUV that was outfitted with a GPS system (thank God for that traveling mercy!), and spent just a little more than $2,500.

So there we were, enthralled once again with the place that had captured my heart in 1984, when, as a college student I had the life-changing opportunity to kick around the country and study for a summer. I learned that summer what “old” really is as I toured 900 year old castle ruins, and I realized for the first time how big this world is. I also learned that Laura Ashley dresses could be bought for a lot less in England, and oh, how I loved Laura Ashley in the ‘80s!

So we were driving along, B and I, thinking about how travel changes us—had indeed changed us—and how we would love for our girls to see this big, beautiful world too and be changed.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring the girls here?” one of us dreamed.

“Oh yeah, broaden their horizons, it would,” dreamed the other.

The idea simmered throughout the trip until eventually was born what I consider one of our very best parenting ideas EVER. We decided that when each of our girls turned 16, I would take them on a mom/daughter trip. You know, to bond like we’ve never bonded before.

This past spring Kate and I “bonded” over tea and scones, fish and chips, and croissants and jam. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Next week: Mom/daughter trip realized. Part ?? because I’m not sure how many blog entries it’s going to take!

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  1. Laura Ashley dresses?! Though I never had the real deal, I remember (coveting) them well!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip--can't wait to hear more about it!