Saturday, November 22, 2008

7 Quick Takes (Saturday)

Jen writes one of the most thoughtful blogs I read. She's a former athiest turned believer, and she has done a wonderful job of defending that conversion. Anyway, she has started a 7 Quick Takes Friday which I thought sounded like fun, but I was too busy yesterday to play. So here's my Saturday version. Hope that's o.k. Jen!

1. I claim to be a good cook, but yesterday could have completely ruined my reputation. Starting at 8:30 a.m. with six huge, frozen turkeys, and a day that could have easily been a disaster, my friends and I managed to pull off a Thanksgiving feast for 120 senior citizens at our church. This is not a testimony to my cooking skills; it is, rather, a testimony to the power of prayer.

2. I was told this week that I was a "cool" mom because I'm on Facebook. My reply was that I am not at all cool, just in the loop. I told my teenagers that if they wanted to have a Facebook account that I had to be their new BFF. I guess they wanted the account enough to let me be their friend (in cyber-life, not real life).

That said, I'm having fun with the whole Facebook thing. I actually do enjoy keeping up with people I normally wouldn't. Kind of like getting little Christmas card blurbs all year long.

3. There are some advantages to having another driver in the house. After grocery shopping one day last week, then coming home and unloading my groceries, I realized that I had somehow forgotten to get garlic. I tried to borrow some from a neighbor, but she wasn't home. Teenage driver spoke up and said, "I'll go get some!" Hooray for teenage drivers!

4. We hear about the price of food these days--outrageous, right? Well, after said teenage driver got home from the grocery store with a bulb of garlic, she and I were both a little confused. I had given her $3 because I had no idea how much a bulb of garlic would cost. She went through the self-service line to pay, and the total came to $.02. Could that possibly have been right? (Bless her heart, she put the receipt and the $2.98 change on the counter.)

So all week long we've been laughing about the $.02 garlic. But then it dawned on me . . . with the economy the way it is and money being tight for everyone, maybe we should all eat more garlic.

5. Sitting in the line of cars as high school gets out is always instructive. This week I noticed (not for the first time) that boys wear baggy jeans and girls wear tight jeans. Something is amiss here.

And by the way, to mothers who have teenage boys who wear their jeans around their butt to let their boxers show, here's a little tip: teenage girls do not think that's attractive AT ALL. Almost every day, as we drive away from school, we see this "look." My girls gag and roll their eyes and say, "Why doesn't someone tell them that they look ridiculous?!" Well, I'm telling you now.

6. We're having a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year complete with a hotel room, a hot tub, and Italian food. It's going to be great fun, and we're all looking forward to it. I'll post about it next week.

But the main thing about Thanksgiving this year is that we will be together. Last year I had just returned home from a 12-day hospital stay that included a pretty serious surgery. I spent Thanksgiving alone on the couch while my family went to relatives. We were all pretty sad about it. This year, on the other hand, we're celebrating . . . big time.

7. A very special package arrived in the mail this week. I am humbled, embarrassed, and overfull with emotion because of it. I'll fill you in in a couple of days.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! Ours will be filled with lots of dog-walking, basketball games, and rest.

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  1. I loved your observation about the guys wearing baggy and the girls wearing tight jeans. Reverse this fashion, please!!