Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Travel Tuesday - Borough Market, London

When it comes to travel, nobody can say I don't do my research. I pour over travel websites and maps and books for weeks and weeks before I leave.

So before Kate and I headed to London, I read about Borough Market. For a food-lover like me, this sounded like paradise. And it was.

Borough Market is only held on Friday and Saturday each week, but if you find yourself in London on either of those days, MAKE SURE you get to Borough Market. You will not be disappointed.

Borough Market is best experienced visually (of course the smells and sounds are pretty spectacular too), so here are a few pictures that Kate took when we were there.

Pastries. Aren't these absolute perfection?

Breads. Of every variety possible.

Wild Boar. If you're into that kind of thing.

Have I mentioned the pastries?

Cheese. From France, mon ami.

Every possible vegetable or fruit you can imagine, all artfully displayed for your shopping convenience.

Whatever you find at Borough Market will be beautiful, even yogurt. From France.

I haven't even gotten to the flowers, the chocolates, the ostrich eggs and feathers, the fish (squid on a stick, anyone?) and the wines. We probably spent close to two hours strolling through the booths, taking in the smells, listening to the vendors shout their wares to the crowd.

Our plane touched down on a Friday morning last March, and as soon as we got settled into our hotel, we headed to Borough Market. Even though it was the first thing we did in London, it was a highlight of the trip for me.

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