Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are YOU Second?

Well, I've been trying to get to the 'ole blog all day today, but with all the excitement in the Late Great State of Illinois, I was pretty much glued to the T.V. Well, that and a field trip and the usual running of kids everywhere. Then throw in some Christmas cookie baking and you have a full-fledged DAY.

But I really wanted to share this video with you. (Of course, it took me a while to figure out how to "embed" a video into my blog. I tell you, this blog really keeps me on my toes!)

Anyhoo . . .

As some of you know, our family got into American Idol last season. I even "suffered" through the reunion concert here in Chicago last summer just to see our favorite Idol, Jason Castro. Gotta love those dreads!

Anyway, my darling neice, Kira, who attends the same large university that Jason did down in Texas (go Aggies!), sent me this video via Facebook. I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with all of you. It takes a few minutes to watch, but it is so worth it.

And this is just the reason that I now adore Jason Castro even more.

"I Am Second" is a new internet project, and it's beautiful. You can find out more about the project, and you can watch several other stories by some famous and some not-so-famous people by clicking here.

Basically, the premise of "I Am Second" is this: If Jesus Christ is first in my life, then I am second.

And I suppose that if we took this idea a little further and counted the other people in our lives before ourselves, maybe this could become the "I Am Third . . . or Fourth . . . or Fifth" project. Wouldn't it be great if more of us lived our lives like that?


  1. Yeah.....we heard about your Governor down here. Totally bizarre!!!

    Well, not really, I guess. Explaining "Vote Early, Vote Often" to Edison was our dinner conversation! :)

  2. Loved the video! And I'm with you on this Illinois disaster! Living about two hours south of Chicago myself--that's the info that was coming on the radio all day. I even got a phone call from an out of state relative wanting my take on it! I say it's been a long time in coming!

  3. Jason Castro is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Perhaps if more people put themselves second to others, some of the corruption would stop.

  4. Interesting point, Hanna. I hadn't noticed the interesting dichotomy until you pointed it out. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing that video. Living to be "second" is a great goal - I don't think I had heard service & devotion to God described that way before, but it makes sense!