Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are you KIDDING me?!

The only athletic injury I ever received happened when I was downhill skiing as a sophomore in high school. On my first run that day I wiped out and knocked out my two front teeth.

Real athlete, huh?

Never one to be deterred by a little cosmetic mishap, I've definitely gotten on the sticks again, but never the little, tiny, skinny sticks.

But after six, yes, SIX days off school (don't even get me started on that one) the girls and I were climbing the walls, so we decided to head to our local golf course to enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon on the ski trails.

All I can say is, "Are you KIDDING me?!" Fun, maybe. Relaxing? No way.

This is Maggie, but it might as well have been me all tangled up in my skis. Oh, and did I mention that I fell right as we hit the trail? Literally.

At least it was a beautiful day.

And we did have a great time together.

But I kind of wish I had been heading here:

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