Friday, January 30, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday


It's been such a good day today that I thought I'd just continue my good day streak with a stellar blog post. Really, nothing special happened, but I got a lot done. I got kids to where they needed to be this morning without too much difficulty. I spent a little time reading my Bible and praying. I cleaned a good portion of my house, including (and I'm so embarrassed to admit this) the leftover Christmas stuff from one corner of my bedroom. I picked up Maggie for lunch and spent a nice hour with her. I went to the gym for an hour.

See what I mean? This day is just clicking along like clockwork. Days like this make me so happy. It doesn't hurt that the sun is shining like crazy.


Just to add to this good day, I'm going to a movie tonight with some friends. We're going to see "New in Town" with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr. From what I can tell from the previews, it's about a girl from California who travels to Minnesota to cover a news story, but she's never been in snow and ice before. Basically, it's a movie about the weather, specifically winter. I've just got to say that I'm a little wary about this one because anyone who knows me knows how I feel about winter. I guess I'll be easy to spot in the movie theater--I'll be the one who's all bundled up, but my teeth will still be chattering.


Two men who did more to damage the reputation of the state of Illinois in the past year than ever before got their comeuppance (as my grandma would have said) this week. Our big-haired, big-talking, big-spending governor, Blago, got kicked out of office yesterday. It's sad, pathetic, and eerie all at the same time.

But just this afternoon I heard that the 24-year-old "fiance" of 56-year-old Drew Peterson walked out on him this morning. She probably watched "Nightline" last night and realized she was next on his hit list. Again, sad, pathetic, and eerie.


I have a problem with my hair. I am completely conflicted about which product to use on it. Underneath the sink in my bathroom I have about four different products that I use on a regular basis, from gel to styling spray to straightening cream, but it seems like every day is different. Some days I only use one thing; other days I combine a couple. Some days I like my hair; other days not so much. I have stick-straight, very thick hair. What would you recommend?


Is is just me, or does stuff like this bug you too? The other night I was watching the news and this is what the weatherman put up on his graphic: "BLUSTEREY"


I wanted to show you my favorite spot in my home.

It's a corner of my bedroom. The picture doesn't do it justice, but this chair is, I have to say, gorgeous. And comfortable. The lighting is perfect, shining down on whatever I'm reading. And I have my basket of books and stuff I'm working on. Many of my blog posts are written from this spot. And many naps are taken in that chair.

What's your favorite spot in your home?


I'm so excited because tomorrow I get to act like a grownup! I'm going to put on grownup clothes, eat grownup food, and have grownup conversation. B and I are going to see C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters" in the big city. It's going to be great, I just know it, but I have to make a confession to you here and now. Even though I majored in literature in college, and I even have a master's degree in English, and I've read lots of C.S. Lewis's books, I've never read "The Screwtape Letters." Hopefully B can translate for me. And I'll bring you a report next week.

Thanks again, Jen at Conversion Diary, for hosting such a fun event.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. So glad that girl wised up and left Drew. But what took so long? And what was she thinking in the first place?

    I don't think any of these products will do you any favors, but my favorite hair products are Pantene Always Smooth shampoo/conditioner, Redken Anti-Snap, and Suave--yes, Suave--hairspray.

    My favorite place in my home is our oh-so-comfy couch.

    Enjoy the movie and The Screwtape Letters!

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  3. Don't feel bad...I still have my bare Christmas tree up and all the ornaments sitting in a box next to it!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments!! I appreciate you.

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Oooh great chair! I can totally see it being a perfect, comfy writing spot!