Thursday, January 8, 2009

She says it so much better

My parents are arriving today to attend the funeral of someone they loved very much. This woman, whom I never had the privilege of meeting, died unexpectedly, tragically, earlier this week. It will be the kind of funeral you don't want to have to attend.

I've been thinking about the circumstances all week, trying to figure out what to say, if anything, when I came across this post by Antique Mommy. She says what I wanted to say so much better than I could ever say it.

Go read it and then come back.

Two things about Antique Mommy's post really struck me. First, "There’s nothing like going to a funeral to point out the folly of Next Time." Or to that I would add "next week" or even "next year." There are things in my life that I have put off. Big things that I would seriously regret if I never did them. And now I see, because she has articulated it so well, that the putting off of these things is folly (good word!).

Second, toward the end of her post she says this, "This old falling down farm house takes time out of the realm of the abstract, where Next Time seems reasonable, and puts it squarely into the concrete where no one is guaranteed a Next Time." Having experienced deep loss at a young age, I live with the sense of this statement every day. No one--no one--is guaranteed a "next time."

Procrastination is folly. I speak this to myself today more than I speak it to you.


  1. I had a similar situation with a friend passing away over the weekend. A friend from college days. . . died without warning.

    Life is fleeting.

  2. I just wish I could remember the 'folly' of Next Time. When something tragic happens, I am very aware of the possibility of no Next Time, but after a time, things just go back to the way they were and I start thinking...Next Time.