Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You . . .

Some of you have figured out that Maggie's story wasn't finished. I promise, Part 2 is coming soon, but things have gotten out of control in my week again and I didn't get it done in time.

Plus I have to figure out how to scan in a picture. Always learning, I am!

Plus today I'm taking four little girls on a "field trip" to the Shedd Aquarium. It's actually Maggie's birthday party, but it feels like a field trip. Anyway, that will take most of the day today.

And tonight is a special family outing that I'll probably be writing about next week.

So, hopefully if I can get one of my technical staff to help me out with the scanning of the pictures, I will get Maggie's Birth Part 2 up and running sometime today or tomorrow.

Hang in there with me, people! I love that you're reading (and I'd love even more some comment love).

Have a great day!

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