Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learning Hard Lessons

Does it sometimes seem like God is hitting you over the head with a theme?

A while back I wrote about how my dear friend admitted her feelings of loneliness to me . . . such a gift to this lonely mom. Her transparency blessed me that day and on many days since.

Then last week, Lysa TerKeurst wrote about women and relationships. Again, it has stayed with me.

Today I stumbled across this post about friendships.

On Monday of this week I had a brief, unexpected visit with an old friend--kind of "God thing." We started talking about life-in-general and ended up, on my end of things anyway, having a great conversation about trusting God with our future, no matter what He has in store for us. It was encouraging. Deep. Quick. But it was the kind of encounter that I wish I had more often with friends. With women.

After reading, writing, talking through all of this I wonder what God is doing. Why He's trying to get my attention in this way. I used to think it was because God was affirming all of my insecurities about other women. I used to think it was because He was somehow agreeing with me by putting those posts in my way. ("See, God? They really are petty and catty!")

But now I'm thinking that He has something more for me to learn. To change. I think He's tapping me on the shoulder and trying to get me to look at how short I fall in the friendship arena rather than at those who might have fallen short, in my own estimation, with me.


  1. Shelly- isn't it amazing how God allows us to feel His Spirit working in us! Thank you for your honesty in sharing!

  2. I'm amazed at the overwhelming sense of loneliness that so many women feel. (I am certainly one of them -- at times)

    Maybe God's pulling a BOOK out of you. . . ?

  3. Yes. God hits me over the head with the same theme for hours, days, weeks, months until I finally act on it :-)

    I too have had that revelation about my friendships....realizing that I was not entering into a lot of them with a pure heart and trusting that God led me to them. Always questioning why they didn't always return my friendship in the ways I wanted. I am learning to celebrate each of my friends for who they are, not who I want them to be for me. Has made a world of difference.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    Blessings to you-