Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life, Interrupted

Anybody getting sick of looking at ham and cheese loaf yet? I know I am!

Just in case anybody's wondering where I've been these past couple of days, the answer would be "in bed." While minding my own business yesterday morning I started feeling a little sickish. Nothing too terrible, but something that could have hampered a lunch with a friend that I had been looking forward to.

Thankfully, I made it through lunch (I absolutely love being with this friend and come away encouraged every time I'm with her, so I was desperate to make it through). Barely.

I came home, did a couple more things around the house and headed straight to bed. B called in the middle of the afternoon, heard the weakness and sorrow in my voice, and came home early to help with the after-school stuff. Bless him.

I think I slept from about 2:00 yesterday afternoon until this morning. With a few interruptions.

Not that I want to ruin your morning coffee or anything, but let's just say I lost 5 pounds in the past 24 hours. Yep, it's been bad.

And you want to know the worst part of all? It's going to be 70 today. The nicest day we've had around here in 6 months! I had such big plans for the day. I was going to clean my screen porch, get all the furniture out, and actually enjoy sitting out there.

Now, if I'm lucky, I might drag a chair out there and sit for a few minutes before heading back to bed.

Which is where I'm going now.


  1. I am so sorry you are so sick!! Prayers for strength and health for you. I'm glad that particular virus doesn't travel on the internet.

  2. Sorry you are sick. I was feeling sorry for myself today too being either in a car or in a doctor's office all day and it was 82 degrees here. Guess there are a lot of nice days to look forward to but like you I wanted THIS one.

  3. I am sorry you've fallen prey to health issues. Rest.

    Get well soon!!!

  4. Aw, Shel! I'm sorry that you aren't your usual perky self. Get well soon!

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon! Glad you could stay in bed and rest. :)