Monday, March 9, 2009

Blame it on Daylight Savings Time

I woke up this morning feeling guilty because what actually woke me up was the sound of the back screen door slamming. Which meant that Kate and Abby were on their way to school.

Normally I get up about 30 minutes before they leave so I can at least touch base with them, find out how they're doing and what's going on for them that day, but this morning, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I was disoriented. It was dark. And cold. And I was still fighting whatever bug is going around our house.

So, as I heard the car start and listened to the girls head out, I did what I often do before getting up. I prayed.

I started through my laundry list of things to pray for . . . my kids, my husband, the day ahead. And then I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I thought about our crumbling economy and the problems facing our nation that seem just too big to even be imagined.

And just as suddenly this thought came to me. Rather than praying for our financial situaion, and for things to be "alright" in our world, what if I prayed "Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done"? What if everyone started praying that prayer?

So that's how I started my day today and the funny thing is, I kept thinking about it throughout my busy morning. It helped me realize that I can't control my finances, I can't ultimately control my children, I can't control my circumstances. I can, however, change my perspective.

So I'm wondering, how would it change our perspective if we just prayed that simple prayer each day? "Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done."

What if we all believed that that was enough?

Just thought I'd share . . .


  1. Good blog today, Shelly. Oh, and that is a great picture of you that you put up next to your about me. Same Shelly I remember from our teen years! Love ya!

  2. I'm totally with you. And there's so much power in agreement!

  3. And His Kingdom does come, every time we are a willing vessel for Him to work in and through. Now, if only I would be that every day!

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder to stop and listen to His still, small voice that calms, instructs, and guides--even in the storm.

    I love the way you think! :)