Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pay for it Yourself

Over the years B and I have tried really hard to teach our kids about money. I could write several posts about this, but what I really want to do today is to relate a conversation that took place in this very house earlier this week.

Kate: Hey, Dad, I'd really like to go to ______.

B: That's fine, Kate, but you'll have to pay for it yourself.

Kate: Dad, lately all you and Mom ever say to me is "pay for it yourself." I mean, I think I hear that more than I hear "I love you."

B: Well, Kate, it's kind of like Wesley in The Princess Bride. Every time Princess Buttercup wanted Farmboy to do something he'd say, "As you wish." It was his way of saying "I love you."

. . . . .

Later that night as Kate is heading to bed: 'Night, Mom. 'Night, Dad. Pay for it yourself!


  1. Offspring are far too clever. ; ) It does feel like walking up a slippery slope to teach them financial responsibility at a time when the the largest institions in our nation show absolutely none.

  2. Your girls are priceless:-)

  3. Oh, that Kate. (And I don't even know her personally) Our oldest swears that we always made him pay for everything himself and that his siblings haven't had to do the same. Well, he is the MOST frugal of all of our kids now. I never worry about him financially. It doesn't hurt them to learn this lesson. Plus the oldest are always more responsible for some reason. She is not alone!

  4. HAHAHA that is hilarious. You have to admit, I bet you cracked up laughing at that. :)

  5. 20 years from now Kate will be saying the same thing to her child. This is the sort of lesson she'll never forget! :-)