Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Someone I'd Like You to Meet

I met Angie back around 1990. I was working as Director of Annual Giving for my alma mater; Angie was my faithful assistant.

I like to think we made a great team.

Angie was really smart and really funny. I loved working with her every day . . .

. . . until 1992 when I had Kate and I left my job there.

As it sometimes happens--too often in my life because I'm terrible about keeping up with people who don't live right under my roof (and even then I don't always do such a great job at the communication piece)--Angie and I lost touch. She moved to Tennessee sometime after I left my job and, other than the annual Christmas card, we didn't keep in touch.

Enter the magic of Facebook.

Angie found me! On Facebook! And it turns out she has a blog too. (Didn't I tell you she's smart?)

She also has a husband and two beautiful kids.

Her daughter, Caroline, is turning 5 today. Now, I haven't met Caroline (I like her name though), but I know she is a very special girl. She has changed her parents' lives tremendously, and I think Angie would tell you she has changed them for the better.

Angie wrote a beautiful post to Caroline today. I'd love it if you would go read it and celebrate Caroline and the millions of children just like her who make life richer, fuller, and more special each day.

Happy birthday, Caroline!

P.S. There's another special girl who's having a birthday today who I don't want to forget about. Kira, my sweet niece: we love you and wish you lots and lots of joy in the years ahead! Be good!


  1. Your friends post was so special and so very moving! Thanks for featuring her.

  2. Thanks, Shelly. It's so much fun getting back in touch after all these years. Hard to believe, really.

  3. That was a touching post. Pass the kleenex please. I continue to resist Facebook but finding a friend again (and I've lost track of more than a few) makes me reconsider.