Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Two Worlds Collide

I love Facebook. It's a fun way to keep up with old friends, new friends, old family members . . . you get the point.

Yesterday an old friend from high school wrote as her Facebook status that after 16 years she had finally broken down and bought a puppy for her kids. "What was the Easter Bunny thinking?????" was the rest of her status.

I, in my usual snarky, sarcastic way, wrote back to her that the Easter Bunny was surely thinking that she wanted to be woken up in the middle of the night and to have her carpets peed on and to pay unusually large vet bills when her dog has a seizure.

She thought it was funny.

She also thought I was kidding.

Then this morning, another old friend who found me on Facebook (and who has become one of my most avid readers!) told me that she was looking forward to today's adventure in my life. I quickly replied that, sadly, adventures are hard to come by around here these days.

The only highlight to my day was going to be . . . highlights . . . and a haircut. (I crack myself up!)

Little did I know that just a few hours later my Facebook world and my real world would collide. Little did I know that just a little while later my own puppy would lead me to a bit of an adventure that I didn't expect.

It's not a big deal, really. I simply let the Wonder Dog out for a little while, thinking that the back gate was closed.

This would be the same back gate, however, that I may have bumped with my car just a little bit by accident the other day when it was shut. And now the gate won't close properly. So it swings open just a bit.

So that bored little puppies on cloudy days can get into some neighborhood mischief.

Like running across the street and playing around with one of the new puppies down the block.

And making her "mommy" run after her in her fuzzy blue slippers yelling like a madwoman, "Thunder. Come! Come here, Thunder!" in front of her beautiful, young, put-together neighbor with the new puppy who actually comes when called.

See what I mean? Today, on a day I thought nothing could possibly happen, two worlds collided. I think Facebook jinxed me.


  1. Too funny, Shelly! And poignant for me . . . we plan to get a puppy this summer. Life has been extremely overwhelming and busy for us this week for a number of reasons. Facebook World and Real World collided for me when I opened it up this morning to see a friend from college's status. He said something about working on his taxes. I thought to myself, "Oh [insert expletive here if I were the expletive inserting sort]! Taxes are due tomorrow!" Today, I am very grateful for Facebook because I may not have otherwise remembered to complete our taxes : ).

  2. Oops! I didn't mean to jinx you! I just know that life is, well, I think your blog says that every day is an adventure or something like that.
    My dog was naughty today too. She has recently learned that her underground fence is no longer working and is now meandering across the road which scares me. She won't come when I call her either because she just doesn't. Then after the girls got home she ran in the yard and "played" (swam) in a low spot in our yard that is full of water. Now she is a very DIRTY St. Bernard who wants to come in very badly but is too dirty to do so right now. Isn't great to have adventurous lives!?! (At least I don't have any neighbors that can see my house)

  3. Very funny and I LOVE Facebook too....too much...but love the reconnection with old friends...This is my first stop at your blog, but love it. Hope you will stop by and see me...

  4. Hi Shelly,

    Stopping over from BooMama. I couldn't agree more with the "so many songs I hate" comment. What a disappointing show.

    Love the doggie post. It reminded me of when I had a puppy.... And she hopped the fence and WENT IN THE NEIGHBOR'S DOGGIE DOOR @ 3 AM and HOPPED IN BED WITH THEM.

    Yes, I'm serious.

    Luckily, they were friends and had sold us the insane puppy in question... 10 years later, I can laugh about it...

  5. Thanks for the fun laugh this morning. I needed that.

  6. I just wanted to let you know that this EXACT puppy/gate scenario (minus hitting it with the car) happened to me the other day and our boxer puppy was just cruising down the street to play with the kids and dogs as I ran after him in heels. What a pup!