Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello from Sunny CA

Hello, faithful readers! Boy, they aren't kidding when they call it "sunny California." After the winter we've had in Chicago, it is such a treat to be here, soaking up all the vitamin D I can before I head back.

Anyway, I don't have long. The group I'm with (Mom and my sisters) are just so "go-go-go." Not a minute to rest! So I've got to get going, but first I wanted to show you just a little bit of what I've done so far.

Just a quick side-trip through Salinas on our way to our first destination to see John Steinbeck's home. That was a five-minute thrill for me.

Here's a different sort of home . . . Hearst Castle. Oh my!

After Hearst Castle we drove Highway 1 up the coast. On one of our stop-offs we found a beach full of hundreds of elephant seals. No kidding. Hundreds!! What an amazing sight.

No, this seal is not dead--just sunning himself.

Everywhere we look there are beautiful flowers in bloom. I thought these were cool--nothing like what we see at home, that's for sure!

Have a happy day, everyone. I know we sure will!


  1. Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're missing out on lots of rains and storms in the midwest. Have lots of fun together! It looks like you are doing neat stuff.

  2. What a great trip! I LOVE CA!

  3. Wow -- this is gorgeous! I have to say that flower looks like the "thingie" I use to clean my ceiling fans and venetian blinds! :)

  4. Wonderful pics, Shelly! I'm assuming you're home now. I just looked at your blog today. Hope you had a wonderful time!

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mom!