Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Changed My Mind

If you were around here about an hour ago, you may have seen a post that's not there anymore. Don't freak out--I removed it.

No, I didn't write anything naughty or earth-shattering or critical. It was just a sweet little story about one of my kids and something cute she had said to me. I just love it when my kids say cute things to me--I have this glaring need to share their insights with the world. Hence, the blog.

But one of my kids doesn't like it AT ALL when I write about her. It's beyond her sense of boundaries, and that is perfectly fine. Some people are private. Some people, like me, feel this need to spill all their "stuff" for all the world to see. I think I'm insecure that way because I need affirmation--someone to say, "I get you" or "I feel that way too."

Anyway, I wrote this little story, but as I thought about it, I realized that my kid would be so mad at me if I shared it. So I took down the post.

I'm learning a lot through this blog, and respecting boundaries is one of the biggest lessons I'm learning. Sure, I have stuff I would never tell you, stuff that regularly gets left out about my personal life. Believe me, I'm not as shallow as this blog would have you believe. But I have felt O.K. about sharing everything I've shared so far.

Until today.

Because my post would have violated someone else's privacy and it probably would have hurt her sense of trust in me. I've messed that up enough over the years with my big mouth. I don't need to dig a deeper hole.

My goal with this blog has been to share everything I share in the most positive light. Some days it would be easy to just complain about some stuff I see around me, to harp at politicians, or to rant about the state of our roads. But then I sit for a minute and think, "How can I make this into a positive thing? How can I show the people in my life in as positive a light as possible?" Plus, it doesn't hurt to try to be entertaining. And then the post morphs into something completely different than what I had set out to do.

I think that's a good thing.

So, when my gut tells me a post was not a good idea, I guess I will have to learn to listen to that gut and take it down. Hurting someone for the sake of my writing is never a good idea.


  1. Love the title. Your artistic qualities are finding expression here. Great job Shelly. Angela and I are inspired by you and Brian. CC

  2. I took pics of my 15 year old son getting highlights....decided not to post...he would have definitely not have appreciated that! would have been fun.
    My kids are real people, too. I need to always remember that, too.

  3. Hey Chris! Thanks for stopping by!

    Bev, you are so right--our kids are people too.