Friday, June 26, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Friday? Already? The summer weeks fly, which is why I’m wimping out today and joining Jen’s Seven Quick Takes.

Actually, that’s not wimping out at all because I have to come up with seven interesting things about my week. This is going to be a challenge.


I finally went to the pool yesterday. June 25, and it was my first day at the pool. When my girls were younger I’d be at the pool every day, but now I imagine I’ll get there maybe once a week. If that.

There are a couple of reasons for my pool absence. First, the weather around here has been terrible. First it was cold—really cold—for a long time. Then, this week, it popped into the upper 90s. Ridiculous. B told me that I’m getting what I wished for, but I argued that I wasn’t wishing for it to be 100. Somehow God forgot about the 80’s.

Anyway, the second reason I haven’t been at the pool much is because I just don’t need to be there anymore. The older two don’t go to the pool, and Maggie is eleven and doesn’t need me to be there with her. Yesterday I went because I promised her I’d go, and, believe me, that girl will hold you to a promise like Crazy Glue sticks to your fingers. So I ended up at the pool.

And you know what I noticed? The moms have gotten younger. And skinnier. It’s gross. I’m not sure I’ll go back.

(Just kidding about that last part. I’ll go back . . . because I like a little tan in the summer and right now I look like I’ve jumped into a flour barrel.)


I checked my Sitemeter yesterday and noticed that several of you checked back a few times to see if I’d written anything. How sweet of you. I do love my readers.

Do you know there’s a super-easy way for you to know if I’ve written anything or not? It’s called Google Reader and it’s easy to use. You can set it up with all your favorite blogs, it will automatically bring up my blog for you every time there’s an update. Check it out and put me in there! Please? Or, if you already have a blog, follow me. I love stalkers. Of the bloggy kind anyway.


So did you hear the news yesterday? Farah Fawcett died. I’ll be honest, I was never a huge fan of hers, but I felt kind of sad that she suffered so long and that Ryan O’Neil never had a chance to make good on his promise earlier this week to marry her.

I wonder if her hair style will make a comeback now. It’s already pretty popular with the blond chicks on Fox News.

Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson died too.


Have I mentioned my workout group? Have I mentioned that I’m sore? It’s the good sore, but still, every day I’m sore. I think underneath that sweet exterior, our trainer has an inner beast who wants to torment middle-aged women into getting into shape. But it’s fun, and it’s wonderful to have some accountability on those mornings that you just don’t want to get out of bed. Like this morning.

How about you? Do you have a group that holds you accountable? Do you like that or does it seem like an unnecessary burden?


O.K. Jon and Kate. I just have to say something. Because their show used to be a favorite around here and there are more than a couple of hearts that are sad because of what they are going through. But I won’t take an entire blog post to talk about them–that’s been done ad nauseum. All I will say is that their situation has given us many teachable moments with our kids lately, and one such moment came on Monday night as we, along with about 10.6 million other people, watched the sorry state of affairs come to a devastating conclusion.

We listened throughout the show as time after time both parents said things like, “I’m there for my kids” or “We love our kids and want what’s best for them.” Sure, they love their kids, and sure they want what's best for them--we all do--but as they were going on and on about the kids, it became obvious that something had gotten very topsy-turvy in their world. B looked at our own girls and said, “They put their kids ahead of their marriage. Girls, I want you to know that my relationship with your mom is more important to me than you are.”

Wow. If that isn’t enough to make your head turn.

But he’s right. I know he is. And I want my children to know that they don’t own the relationship hierarchy around here. If you’ll grant me a soapbox for a moment . . . Kids feel secure when Mom and Dad love each other. Period. And Mom and Dad can’t love each other best when they put the kids first.



There’s a blog I read sometimes that I enjoy immensely every time I go there. It’s called Stuff Christians Like and it’s kind of a tongue in cheek look at the evangelical world. The writer, Prodigal Jon, makes some very funny, but also very poignant insights into Christianity.

Last week he wrote a post that just made me laugh out loud. Since I have high schoolers, and since I was once a high schooler myself, I could totally relate to his list of The 11 People Every Youth Group Needs. Check it out. It’s funny.


I just feel like I have bloggy issues. It’s probably the weather, but for some reason I’ve had a headache for a couple of days that just will not go away. And writer’s block. Ugh.

Can you help a girl out? What would you like to read about?

Happy Weekend, everyone! We'll be busy this weekend, so you won't hear from me until Monday. But be sure to check back then because B and I are going to a real, live Big Fat Greek Wedding this weekend, and I'm sure I'll have a lot to report.


  1. Hi Shelly,

    Glad you mentioned the J & K thing, despite it being soooooo overly broadcasted lately. I've thought the same thing and it's a really good reminder to nurture our marriage. I LOVE that B said that to your girls! It's so sad though.

  2. Ok...quick take may be, but I am so not middle aged. While I realize the number is smack dab in the middle, I have trouble seeing that in black and white. :)

  3. What about stories of your dating and early marriage years? More Travel Tuesdays? Funny stories from your past? (Dad just re-told the tractor weight story...that's always hilarious! And of course we love to hear the funny every day stuff and lessons learned. I'd think of more, but Cheryl is ready to go out to eat! :)

  4. Shelly,

    Thanks for your take on J & K. I have been hoping you would most something because I just wanted to hear your heart and I knew you would say something good. I so appricate your discernment on dealing with it and how you didn't give a whole post. But I have been waiting. I love what you said and I love what B said. We've been saying the same thing. Thanks for all the wisdom you give. I love to read your blog!


  5. Good to see you posting again. Sorry about the writer's block -- and headache. Ugh.

    It sounds like your family has all sorts of ideas of things you should blog about. :)

  6. p.s. Give "B" a big hug for his comments during the J&K show. A lot of families are falling apart because everything is centered around kids. And you have to wonder what kind of generation is going to follow ours, if these kids grow up thinking that THEY are the center of the universe.

    Sorry, enough. I just loved that B took advantage of such a great teachable moment.

  7. We draw strength from our mates and (hopefully) set examples for our children. B said it well.
    The tractor weight story is funny, but so is the paper on your nose.The finger hanging from an employee's hand would make a good blog.
    Remember all the fires around your sister's wedding?
    Jo and I can keep you writing for a long time!

  8. I liked the size of your font for the MJ death. My thoughts exactly. Oh, and my 11 year old asked me "Mommy, is he in heaven with God" I said "I don't know honey, only God knows that." She, "If he's there when I get there I'm coming back here."

  9. Oh my goodness, Linda, that is so funny . . . in a strange sort of way.

  10. #7 me too. Today especially. My head is POUNDING.