Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Those Waskally Wabbits!

I'm no master gardener. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Every year when our little school hosts its annual plant sale, I buy a few flats of flowers. And some herbs (which actually do pretty well, probably because they know how much I need them). And usually one tomato plant which produces exactly one tomato all summer.

You get the idea. My thumb is pretty much brown.

So I buy the flats of annuals, bring them home, and then I let them sit on my patio for a few weeks while it tries to warm up around here. No, they don't go in the ground right away--I really do let them sit for a while. I think they need to get acclimated to the new atmosphere.

Or I need to get my brain around the back aching work it will be to actually put them into the ground.

Anyway, last year I bought some dahlias that I thought looked pretty.

And they were beautiful, but the blooms never seemed to last for more than a day. I couldn't figure it out.

Until one Saturday as B and I were walking through our local French Market (oh, another post idea for another day!) and we saw a woman selling a product called "Bunny Buster."

It was like a light bulb went off in both of our heads at the same time. We looked at each other and said, "Bunnies!" Of course! That's what was eating our lovely dahlias.

So we shelled out $12 for some Bunny Buster and sprayed all our flowers. It worked. It really worked, and we had some beautiful blooms for most of the rest of the summer. But twelve bucks? Seriously?

Fast forward to this summer, and I think I had a brain cramp because once again I bought a flat of dahlias from our little school's plant sale. What was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn't thinking.

Anyway, once again my dahlias are growing, but not producing blooms.

I think those bunnies are getting fat off of our garden again.

So I come before you today, dear loyal readers, and ask for your help. Can anyone tell me how to keep those bunnies off of my flowers?? They don't seem to like any other flower in my yard except the dahlias.

Does anyone know of a homemade remedy like Bunny Buster that could keep them out of my garden?

Otherwise it's back to the French Market to buy some more Bunny Buster. Looks like the kids will be eating mac & cheese for the next couple weeks.


  1. Oh, Shell. Come on, now! Twelve dollars?! Buy the Bunny Buster! By the time you create a "homemade" remedy, you won't be saving that much money.

    And this is coming from the world's biggest tightwad!

    Just think of all that money you saved on your car, and $12 won't seem so bad.

    Then again, neither is mac and cheese for a week. Yum!

  2. Yuck. I hate mac and cheese. Unless, of course, it's Paula Deen's recipe with gobs and gobs of cheese or Ina Garten's recipe with four different kinds of fancy cheeses. But those would certainly cost more than $12!

  3. I've heard put human hair down around the plants and they will stay away. I cut my boys hair so this works great or if you know someone from the hair salon they might give ya some for free. Or plant marigolds around your garden and they don't like the smell of that plant so they stay away? Just some ideas...you don't want to know what we do with bunny's that come to our garden!

  4. I could ask my neighbor. He has thousands of dahlias (along with other stuff) and has a garden that was featured in a major magazine. He's had years where 8,000 people have toured his yard. He is famous for his dahlias. (And he's not a single guy, he's married and has 4 children AND he is a farmer.)

  5. Hey Busy Mom, I grew up on a farm, so I KNOW what you do to those rabbits! :)

    Linda, that would be great! I'd love some free advice from an expert. Let me know what you find out.

  6. I could loan you my Bunny Busting Labrador Retrievers but I'm thinking it would cost way more than $12 to ship them from Florida. They do take bunny hunting very seriously. Wascally Wabbits. I love that.

  7. We scared off varmin with human urine - not sure Brian would be up for this but let me tell you - my son thought it was great fun sprinkling the flowers!

  8. PTAA mama--only you! Maybe you could send your son over here and he could take care of my flowers!

  9. Did you ever try sprinkling moth balls on the ground near your flowers? That worked great for the deer!

  10. I stand corrected! All you have to do is cut your hair and go outside to pee, and you're set! Not a dime spent! Who knew?