Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Do You See?

Yesterday, as I was perusing blogs for a few minutes, I read one in which someone asked, "What do you see?" so I thought I'd answer that for you all today.

What I see today is an empty house because all three of my children are away this week.

I see a clean house because my husband and I don't make messes and not clean them up.

I see fresh sheets on every single bed and beds that will stay made all week long.

I see a computer I can actually get my hands on so that I can print out some things I need.

I see the bottom of my sink because it's not filled with dishes.

I see bathroom floors--they're white. (Who knew?!)

I see the bottom of the hamper in the kids' bathroom.

I see towels that are hung on rods and not thrown on the floor in a puddle.

I see a dog who just isn't herself this week.

I see grass that should be cut and weeds that need to be pulled and plants that are thirsting for water.

I see the note that one sister left for another before her trip.

I see photographs of past vacations and a brochure for one about to be taken.

I see college recruitment pieces that flood our mailbox every day now.

I see school supply lists.

I see my future.

What do you see today?

1 comment:

  1. My house looks pretty similar this week! I feel a little guilty about how much I'm enjoying it!