Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let's Play a Game

School's right around the corner which means that we must get into that old state we call denial and take a vacation.

Last year, as you may recall, we took an amazing trip to Switzerland and returned home on the day before school started. Like any good mother, I sent my children off to school on the first day with an amazing case of jet lag. That was so I could sleep off my own jet lag without any kids around to bother me.

This year's end-of-the-summer-because-isn't-that-when-everyone-goes-on-vacation trip will get us back a couple of days before school starts and will not involve jet lag. Car lag, maybe, but not jet lag. Just even writing that makes me so sad.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a few clues as to where we're going (which is actually two places). I'll be "clue-ing in" throughout the day, so check back often.

And just to make it fun, the first person who guesses correctly (who isn't related to me or doesn't already know where we're going -- Jennifer, that's you) will get a nifty souvenier from our vacation.

Clue #1 - No gum chewing allowed.

Clue #2 - Three on your head.

Clue #3 - 1693


  1. HEY! I'm related to you but I have no idea where you are going!! (How does this happen?) Can I still play?

  2. I know where you are going!! but what does the 2nd clue mean?! I guess I should know but I dont!

    Where all did you decide to go on your trip? Did you go with any of my suggestions??

  3. All in time, Kira. All in time. Check back tomorrow for the answers.

    So far, no winner. Hmmmm.

  4. so I did some random web searching and I think you are going to William and Mary College in VA

  5. My kids and I have tried to guess! We don't know, but are having fun with the game... hope you have a fun trip wherever it is!

  6. OK, Shelly, we've done a little googling. Are you going to do "koryu Japanese sword martial art" as a family? After all, no chewing gum is allowed during training, and it was founded in 1693! That leaves us though with a 3 on the head, just not convinced this is it!

  7. OK, we have one more guess -- you are going to an Amish village? My husband is in on the action and pointing us to I Corinthians 3 -- head coverings. 1693 was when the Amish were founded. They don't allow chewing gum. If this is right, my hubby will take the prize! :-)