Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Morning Mania

It's Monday morning, and, after a very full weekend, there are all sorts of little snippets of things going through my head right now that I thought I'd just make a list and share. Enjoy. Comment. Come back tomorrow.

1. My Facebook status on Saturday was this: "Summer, Summer, wherefore art thou, Summer?" It was chilly on Friday night when we went to the first high school football game of the season. It was chilly on Saturday when I ran around with my mom. It was chilly on Sunday when B and Abby ran in a 10K together. And chilly again last night as we went to an outdoor concert.

But the worst was this morning when I woke up, cranked up the computer and found that my weather button said it was 44 degrees! I have to say, I feel completely cheated out of summer--a season I look forward to all year. I'm trying not to be resentful, but come on! This is crazy!

2. As I mentioned, B and Abby ran in a 10K yesterday. B had run in races before, and so had Abby, but she had never run in a 10K before. All summer long, the two trained, sometimes separately, sometimes together, and I was amazed at their discipline. Even on days when I thought it wasn't going to happen, late into the evening Abby would hop on her bike and head to the gym to train. She had set a goal to finish the race in 1:05, and she was determined to meet that goal. B wanted to finish in about an hour.

Yesterday was, as I said, chilly, but clear and beautiful. A perfect day for a race. Kate, Maggie, and I were there to show our support and to record the finish for posterity. We were so happy when B came around the turn toward the finish line in just about an hour. But you can imagine our surprise and sheer delight when, about 30 seconds later, Abby's ponytail came bobbing down the final stretch. She finished the race about 1 minute after her dad and well under her goal! And, even more fun, she finished second in her age category, for which she received a medal.

I am still so proud of both of them!

3. Last night we went to see Carrie Underwood at Ravinia, which is a beautiful outdoor concert venue about an hour or so away from here. This was to be kind of a culmination of summer for our family, so when we ordered the tickets several months ago we didn't imagine that we'd be bundled up in blankets and fleece, teeth chattering through the entire evening. Still, it was a great concert and a really fun night for our family.

Now, I guess it's on to Fall.

4. The girls, my mom, and I went to see "Julie and Julia" on Saturday. I had seen it before and loved it--what's not to love in a movie about blogging and cooking?--but I wanted to see it again, and I have to say that I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

One of the things that impressed me the first time, but even moreso the second time, was the love that both of these women had for their husbands. It was so touching to see how happy both couples seemed--and not just because the wife cooked for her husband. No, it was more than that. It seemed like both husbands and wives were willing to sacrifice for their partner, and that each, in return, appreciated their spouse more for it. The movie portrayed a realistic view of marriages that worked. Not perfect marriages, but two people who were willing to participate fully in the give and take that is daily life.

Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts?

5. I read a post last week that has stayed with me. I've thought about it so much, mulled it over and over, and wanted to share it with you. It's from one of my favorite blogs, Stuff Christians Like, and the post talks about how sometimes we Christians forget to be faithful in the little things, creating, in our minds, a "doesn't count list." Read it by clicking here and tell me what you think.

Whew! Now I feel like I can get on with my day. Hope you're warmer than I am!


  1. STILL waiting for Julie/Julia to get to our local theaters. I really hope I get to see it.

  2. Hi friend, Sounds like you have been busy since She Speaks - traveling and living in my fave places!! I wish God's blessings on your writing as you approach new publishers. Stay warm. IT got cool in Charlotte today! -- 72 degrees cool. Wanna' return? We will stay in touch and have fun preparing for your talk in the Spring. BTW my book is on waiting! My talk is called Wait Management! Funny - we all are in a state of wait! Shine!

  3. Haven't seen the movie - will put it on my list! I always wait until they're out on DVD. : )
    I read the post about my "doens't count" list. Well written and way too true. Except I don't fool myself into thinking it's alright. I just feel guilty until I repent.
    I even LOOK guilty. Really. My mother told me early on "don't ever lie- you're terrible at it- your face shows it a mile off." I'm sure that's saved me from a lot of trouble.