Monday, August 3, 2009

Stay Tuned . . .

Ahhhhh. That's me breathing a sigh of relief and contentment to be back home from She Speaks in North Carolina.

"Where's the post?" That's you wondering where my She Speaks update is.

Well, wouldn't you know, there's a story here. The post is forthcoming. I actually wrote it this morning on my laptop. It's sitting downstairs on the kitchen table.

But, true to form, I did something stupid this weekend. I dropped my laptop in the airport. Kerplunk! Actually, it was perched in my bag on top of my suitcase and it fell off, so I didn't so much drop it as I wasn't attentive enough to it.

At any rate, my laptop seems mostly fine, but I can't get my wireless connection to work, so I'm on the kids' computer right now.

And between that little glitch and getting caught up with my daughters whom I haven't seen for over a week and my husband whom I missed and Amy who was out of town when I left, life's just a little busy right now.

All that to say that if you're here looking for a She Speaks post, PLEASE come back later today. I have to re-type the whole thing on this computer and it may take a while, but I hope to have it up later today.

Until then, I'm off to spend time with my friend and my girls. See you later!

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