Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Not Above Grovelling

I ran into a friend at the gym the other day. After the usual hellos she said, “I spanked my son in the doctor’s office one time.” Huh? She must have noticed the slightly confused look on my face, because then she said, “I read your blog yesterday.”

I nearly hugged her. If I hadn’t been all sweaty, I just might have.

A couple of weeks ago I sat down at the high school football game ready to cheer the Falcons to victory when another dear friend turned around and said, “So, you’re going to write about public school, huh? Good luck with that one.”

We shared a bit of a laugh together . . . once I figured out that she had read my blog that day.

And this week I got the sweetest note in the actual mail (!) from yet another reader who mentioned that my blog was a blessing to her. Tears in these eyes, yes there were, when I read that one.

Seriously, I just love it when people tell me they read my blog. It doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, I’m always pleasantly caught by surprise.

When someone tells me they’ve been reading the blog, do you know what I do? I mentally scan back through all my old posts and try to figure out what I’ve written that might possibly offend that person. (Chances are pretty good there’s something there—keep looking.) And then I mentally think of all the silly things I’ve written—the trite and the simple—that might make them not want to come back again.

And then I smile real big and say, “Oh my goodness, you have no idea what that means to me.” And I mean it. Just the fact that you’re sitting here right now, reading my insecure thoughts about my little life even though it is just a silly little hobby that has begun to mean something to me, means the world to me.

Of all the blogs in all the world in all the blogosphere on the entire internet, you chose mine.

But sometimes I feel like it’s not fair. All of you know what’s happening in my life, but I don’t know what’s happening in yours. I know, that’s the nature of the blog, and if you wanted to splash your “stuff” all over the internet you would start your own blog. I get that.

But here’s the thing . . . I sometimes wish I knew who was out there reading all my mundane musings. I wish I knew if what I write made you think about an issue differently or helped clarify your thinking or made you laugh.

See, the internet is a community—a dialogue, if you will (I really hate that word).
You can say anything you want in the comments. Preferably things like “I love this post” or “Great points!” or “Wanna have coffee next week?” but you could also tell me I’m crazy and I should go fly a kite. At least I’ll know you’re out there.

You are out there, aren’t you? Hello??

The comments let me know you’re reading me. But they also encourage me. A lot. And sometimes I get a new idea from a comment or I see an issue in a new way. And then a new blog post gets spurred just because someone took a minute to comment.

See? I need you, readers! I need your comments. So today, I’m going to ask you for a favor: LEAVE ME A COMMENT.

If you’ve never commented before, you can easily register on Blogger if you want to do that, but otherwise you can just leave an Anonymous note—those don’t scare me. If you have left a comment before, may I just virtually hug you? Thank you so much! And keep ‘em coming!

Yep, I’m begging today, folks. I need a comment. Even if it’s just a simple “hello, I’m reading” it will make my day if you do that. If you really don’t know what to write, just tell me where you live.

So, next time I see you at the gym or at the game or at the grocery store and you say to me, “Oh, I see Kate made a college decision!” I’ll be able to say, “Yes, and I know what you think about that.”


  1. Here's a shout-out from 'round the corner. I love your stuff, Shelly. Every time I see you, I want to have a conversation about your latest post. In the mornings, I often just read moments before. Too bad there's not time to chat it up every day!

  2. Well, I just started reading & I totally know what you mean! It's so encouraging. I'm adding you to my reading list. :)

  3. I do that, too - think back to see if I've written something that could possibly offend a new "real-life" reader.

    But you said it so well - it just means SO MUCH when anyone reads what I have to say!

    As for you and your blog, well, I love 'em both! :)

  4. Love your blog Shelly - you already know that though! So DID Kate pick a college?

  5. Hey, thanks everyone (so far!)! I love you all too.

    Hip Mama--welcome! I'm so glad you found me and look forward to more "dialoguing" with you. :)

    No, Sheroll, no decision yet. Narrowed it down, but it's going to be a looooong year.

  6. Ditto to Linda. Faithful reader! And always enjoy your posts even if I don't leave a comment.

  7. You know I love your blog! Hey - please pray for 2 marriages. TWO friends of mine in just the last week have had their husbands say "we're done here." WHAT?
    Shocked? For sure. Ready for militant prayer? For sure.

  8. You got it, Beverly. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. Ugh.

  9. SHELLY!!! You KNOW I love your blog. . .:) Keep writing. And I'll try to comment from now on. Love you --

  10. Shelly, I know you know I read your blog, but I do really enjoy it! And I have to say when I saw you tonight delivering the milk, and I followed you out of the church, I had to look to see what minivan you bought (remembering the blog about your purchasing it)! Yes, the mundane and fun things stick with your readers, and I really love reading your blog! You are wonderful!

  11. Shell, you know I'm a daily reader but have never commented (it's easier to pick up the phone and talk to you!) ... I admire that you can use your gift of writing to bless others ... Keep it up! Jenn

  12. Hey Shelly. I just found you and am happy to reconnect with you. Have read a few days and enjoy what you have to say. Have you bookmarked! Deanna

  13. I was dropping my son off at a birthday party last week and a person I've never seen before said, "Are you Sandy?" I said yes, of course. And she said, "I read your is your fast going?"


    It was very weird and wonderful at the same time.

    I thrills me to no end when people in my flesh and bones world tell me they read my blog.

    And the are so right about that. I try to leave one each and every time I read someone's blog, just to let them know I stopped by.

    Love your blog, friend.

  14. I'm a faithful reader...I think you know that:-)

  15. I just had to stop one more time to say THANK YOU!! I love you all! (And even those who read but didn't comment.) :)

  16. Love you! Love your blog!

  17. Hi Shelly!

    I'm a daily reader. I never comment since I always read on my BlackBerry with my reader and clicking through to comment never works out right. But since I was reading on an actual computer today, and since you asked SO nicely, I thought I would let you know that I read and LOVE it!!


  18. Hi! I just started reading your blog yesterday. Amazing writing. I recently started blogging myself. Maybe a couple of months ago and am always looking to read about people that like to share their daily lives. Your blog is amazing! I love the design! Keep it up because I'm reading! =)

  19. "But sometimes I feel like it’s not fair. All of you know what’s happening in my life, but I don’t know what’s happening in yours. I know, that’s the nature of the blog, and if you wanted to splash your “stuff” all over the internet you would start your own blog. I get that."

    Yes, I feel that way too. What makes it worse is when your hubby is already a public figure, and the whole town already knows plenty about your life. Those revelations make me realize I probably need therapy of some sort for starting my blog.

    Anyways, I read your blog because you're way smarter than me. :)

  20. Are we sisters or something?

    I do the very same thing! I run into people who mention something from my blog and I almost flip out.

    I run home and scan through and question everything I've ever written down.

    So crazy, huh?

    I will have to stalk around on here a little more. We might be twins separated at birth....who knows?

  21. I'm here and I'm a regular reader. Even have you as one of my favorite blogs on my blog.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing. A huge fan who is anxiously awaiting your first book. :-)

  22. Ok! I'm leaving a comment! This is the first time I've ever read your blog (that I remember) but for some reason it was in my favorites tonight and I didn't feel like exercising so I'm sitting here reading blogs and wasting time on the internet! I'm liking what I'm seeing so I'll be sure to come back! Come visit me, too? Ok??!!