Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There Really Is Nothing New Under the Sun

It's always fun when the blog and my real life intersect.

Look at what I got in the mail yesterday. The real mail. Not email.

Apparently my mother took it upon herself to point out that I wasn't the only person in America who had the same idea last week.

Oh well. I guess Mike Smith of the Las Vegas Sun noticed that too.


  1. Too funny! Me too!
    I couldn't let it go by without a post!

    Am I no better? In reality, no!

  2. That Karen is one hip chick. She is on top of things!

  3. My mom clips things and mails them to me too!! So funny. We email our kids links. ; ) My kids text me stuff. What next??

  4. Oh my stars I was thinking that the world must have tipped sideways last week and a lot of people's yuckies dripped out.

    Funny to see it all in one cartoon.