Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You’ve probably heard by now that Chicago did not get the bid for the 2016 Olympics.

Truth be told, we’re a little bummed about that around here because we had big plans for 2016. Big plans. I’m talking a big family party we were going to have with our kids, their cousins, aunts and uncles, even grandparents. Because the Olympics would have been fun, and it would have been a good excuse to get everyone together.

But, alas, it was not to be. Maybe we’ll have that party anyway.

But all this talk about 2016 got us thinking about where we will all be in 2016, and I gotta say, it kind of freaked me out.

Lordwilling, in 2016 Kate will be two years out of college. If she’s anything like her daddy and me, she could be married for two years and would have to bring her husband along to the Olympics too. Weird.

Abby will be graduating from college in 2016. She could be getting married too—if she’s anything like her daddy and me--which, she will tell you, she most certainly is NOT.

And Maggie will be graduating from high school that year and beginning her budding theatrical career college.

Of course, B and I will still be 35 and enjoying an active life without any health issues at all. We will be competing in marathons and watching our diet religiously, and we’ll be in the best shape of our lives.

Shelly! Snap out of it! Wake up!

Sorry, you caught me dreaming there for a second.

Anyway, we all got to thinking about 2016—only seven short years away—and how much
our lives are going to change in those seven years.

And I thought, too, about the first seven years of my girls’ lives. How those years dragged on and on for me. How every day seemed like a year, and I never thought my kids would actually go to school.

But they did, and once they got into school the days seemed to rev up and start spinning faster and faster. Until today when a year seems like a day and I want so desperately to stop the spinning. To keep them from moving so quickly toward 2016 and beyond.

Believe me, I am more than aware that we have no idea what our lives will be like tomorrow, let alone seven years from now. But it is kind of fun to speculate about the possibilities and to be reminded, yet again, of how much faith we need to have to put one foot in front of another and move ahead.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so funny. I was thinking the same types of things...Samantha will be 25 and could be married for three years if she's like me (which she isn't)...our grandson Hunter will be 15 and so on and so on. It is strange to think of seven years from now but wow seven years ago seems like yesterday!

  2. Interesting. But I don't think I am able to think that far ahead. I'm always hoping to see spring again.

    I'll have a kid who is 31 and I sure hope he's married by then. And like your young one my Anna will be going to college to major in Spanish. That is a little joke. Can't explain it here but it was really funny.

    I guess if we and this earth make it that long Craig and I will FINALLY be empty nesters.


  3. And if Kate is like her aunt, she will have a TOTALLY, COMPLETELY different experience than you and won't bring her husband home until wrinkles start forming, the gray hair becomes so thick she stops plucking them out, and she becomes pear shaped!

    Yeah, a family olympics would have been lots of fun!

  4. You could also be grandparents! :-)

  5. I imagine in 7 years we'll be living on some island in the South Pacific, so we probably wouldn't be making it to the Olympics anyway.

    Jonah will be 9, Ben will be 7, Taylor kids #3 and #4 will be 5 and 3. If they're boys too we'll be in the process of adopting a girl... =)

  6. Yeah, Julie? I wasn't going to go there. Thanks for that!

    Linnea, you are hilarious! I got a laugh out of that one. :)