Thursday, October 22, 2009

Changing Seasons

The other day on Facebook, I threw out this status update: “Need blog topics. Go!” Surprisingly, I got several great suggestions. Thanks to my friends who helped me with this. Now I have lots of fodder for future posts.

One friend suggested I write about the change of seasons, and at first, I wasn’t sure what to do with that. After all, that could be a really short post:

“We live in a place where the seasons change. Fast. As they say, ‘if you don’t like the weather today, stick around for tomorrow—it’s sure to change.’”

Or, I thought, I could take the tact that we really only have two seasons around here—winter and less winter. But that would turn into a whiney, complaining kind of post, which I really try to avoid . . . unless I’m talking about the weather.

But this morning, as I was catching up with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a very long time, I got to thinking about seasons of life. And, boy, do those change just as quickly as the weather!

One year ago I was a little over-committed. O.K., a lot overcommitted. As in over-my-head-committed. I was chairing two large committees, leading a small group at church, teaching Sunday school, and I don’t even remember what else. Truly, I approached the fall with trepidation, not quite sure how I was going to make it through the year with all those commitments.

It was all good stuff, but it made me feel a little sick to my stomach to be that busy.

But this year, several of my commitments have fallen away. I finished up the two large committees and I took a year off from teaching Sunday school. I’m still leading a small group, but that is the only big commitment I have right now.

I gotta say, it feels weird.

This morning, as I listened to my friend who is in much the same place I was last year and the year before that—much too busy and overcommitted—I wondered how it happened so fast that my situation changed. And I realized that I’m in a different season. She has kids in three schools with no drivers--yet; I have kids in two schools, and the older two drive themselves to school every day. My youngest is three years older than my friend’s youngest. That makes a huge difference. This morning my friend was dashing off to a little play at the elementary school. I don’t have to do that school-day stuff anymore.

Just as much as being overly-busy was hard, this new season of less commitment is hard too. It feels like I’m waiting for something. It feels like I’m in an in-between place right now that doesn’t feel completely comfortable, but doesn’t feel completely terrible either.

I am definitely looking for and praying about what’s next—I know my life won’t be quiet forever. But this new season takes some getting used to. It’s a season of not being so much on call as I used to be. It’s a season of reflection. It’s a season of rest. And it’s a season of waiting.

Next year will bring yet another season . . . the season of one less child in my home.

And when I think about that, I realize that seasons of life change just as quickly as the seasons of the year.



  2. My hair stylist and I were having a conversation yesterday that reminds me of this. We were struck by how when we were younger we let things get to us more than we do now. As we age we tend to see people through a kinder lens and realize that their intentions are good but they are just clueless. That is sort of a changing of seasons in our lives. We mature and find out that when we get to a new place in our lives where we change too. I can appreciate how people reacted to me in the past better now that I am in the place (age) that they were back then. Does that make any sense?

  3. Interesting thoughts, Linda. I think I know what you mean. A kinder lens . . . yes.

    Thanks, Romi!!

  4. How interesting that I just found your blog this evening (through another blog)... I finally just started my own blog & it is I thought a long time about my title, & why it would describe me. Age wise (physically & spiritually) I AM "seasoned" plus I love different seasons. When my husband chose early retirement nearly 2 years ago, I felt I was entering a really new season & had a few qualms about it. But God has shown me how special this season is & that it is His choice for me. Whether the season is a stormy one or a balmy one, I want to always ask Him what He wants to teach me in it & through it.