Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning and I really have to pull my life together, but first just one quick blog post

Oh my goodness, my weekend with my sister was great (and how many times can I use the word "my" in one sentence?!)! I'll be back to talk more about it later, but here are a few observations . . . .

  • I'm officially embarrassed by our weather. Jenn said that when she left home the temperature there was 86 degrees. When she got off the plane in Chicago it was almost half that--44. I have no words . . .
  • I know that my weather-related embarrassment is just plain irrational and stupid, but once I figured it out and put a name to it, it seemed to help me somehow. And, believe me, the weather didn't get much better as the weekend went on. Many plans had to be changed. I'm just thankful that we're not tied to an agenda when we get together. We adjusted and kept going.
  • Thank goodness for that sense of flexibility because just as we were getting started on Thursday, Maggie's school called to say that she had a fever. Poor kid spent three days on the couch in the basement, quarantined from everyone else in the house. Thankfully she's much better now and was able to make it to school today. Whew!
  • While strolling downtown Naperville in the rain, we discovered that Hugo's Frog Bar is just about the best place for lunch EVER. We got a bowl of lobster bisque, a wedge salad, and a filet mignon slider for under $8. And it was GOOD! I will definitely be back . . . soon.

Probably the biggest thing I learned is that sometimes this blog gets in the way. I mean, really, how many times did I start telling a story, only to have my sister look at me sideways with a wry smile on her face and to hear her say, "Yeah, I know. I read it on your blog."

I guess I shouldn't complain. At least she's reading it!

I have lots more to tell you, but that will have to wait. Today has to be about pulling things back together around here. My family would like to eat a decent meal again--too much running around this weekend to do any cooking.

What?! Me, not cook?! I KNOW!

It was shameful.

But fun.

Thanks for coming, Jenn!


  1. I'm glad you had a good visit!

    I've had that happen with my blog, too, although not as much as I expect. Sometimes I assume my husband, mother or best friend have read something on my blog - only to remember, they don't read it that often!

  2. I'm with you. Today I have been reclaiming my house. It feels good to do it. Last week was chaotic but fun here too. Thank goodness for a few days of normal, huh?
    Did Maggie have h1n1 or just regular flu?
    There is a lot of the pig stuff here.