Friday, November 13, 2009

Congratulations, Maggie!

I don't know what it is, but on Friday I tend to look back at my week, try to remember what I did, and think about what I've accomplished (which is usually not much). And I think about the best parts of my week.

This week's highlight, most certainly, would have been Maggie's all-school play--her first play ever--which was held on Tuesday and Thursday. Can I just say that I didn't know she had it in her? Oh my, that girl was funny!

What am I saying? I did know she had it in her. Ever since the time in third grade when her class had a substitute teacher and she spoke with a British accent for the first half of the day just to mess with the sub's head. Pretty much ever since then people have been telling me I should get her into acting.

The play was a little one-act called "The Mystery at Throckmiddlemorton Manor." It was perfect for a junior high school production because it was short and silly and involved a lot of different characters. Oh, and a girl-fight. Can't have a junior high play without a girl fight, can you?

All the kids did a great job, but the one I watched most closely was my little thespian. She played the part of a French maid. Yes, I know that every mother's deepest desire is to see her 6th grade daughter on stage in front of her entire school with overdone makeup and bright red lipstick in a French maid's costume. It was indeed a proud mommy-moment for me.

She even did the accent because, you know, the costume wasn't enough.

Seriously, though, somehow the costume crew was able to find a decent looking maid costume that actually went down to my daughter's ankles. So maybe, rather than being a French maid she was really a Puritan maid. Named Hester or something like that.

Doesn't matter. The way she played it, she was definitely of the French variety.

After last night's performance we went out for ice cream, just the two of us. We talked about her experience, how much fun it is to act, and how she longs to keep this going through high school. She's beginning to see herself in this new role, actress, and she's liking what she's seeing. Her dreams are beginning to take shape.

All this acting talk took me back about, oh, 30 years to my own high school experience. I was in a lot of plays and musicals in high school. That was my thing, and I loved it. I think I even dabbled in community theater for a while. And even though I never had a lead role (most people I went to high school with would probably say, "You were in plays? Which ones?"), I had racked up the most thespian points and won the "Best Thespian" award during our senior assembly.

So who knows what will happen with Maggie. She may never try out for another play (although after last night I seriously doubt that), and I would be O.K. with that. What I talked to her about last night was the satisfaction of finding something she loves to do and doing it with all her heart.

Really, there's nothing better.


  1. my youngest is just 4 but I have had many people at her preschool tell me they can't wait till they get to say "I knew her when" some kids have a flair for acting and it sounds like your daughter is one of them! I hope she loved it and remembers it for years to come!

  2. I remember you looking like a nun.........

  3. Thanks, Terra. I think she'll remember this one for a long time.

    Linda, I still get people with the "I was a nun once" line. :)

  4. We didn't call you Sarah Bernhardt for nothing! Must be in Maggie's genes. Congratulations to her!

  5. Awwww, how fun! How fun to see her shine, and how fun to share something you loved with her now.

    I was in plays and musicals, too, but wasn’t a particularly talented actress. My best friend, though, was hilarious – no matter what part she was playing – and she even did plays in college, as she was on her way to becoming a microbiologist! (That part was always funny to me – for some reason, my brain can’t understand a scientist who is also an actress!!)

    Congratulations, Maggie!

  6. Ok, so you were a nun...I know that one. Were you in Up the Down Staircase...that was the only one I was in and all I remember is that Debbie D was the lead!

  7. Congratulations to Maggie! Please let me know the next time she's in a play. I'd love to see it!

  8. Ah- I hear wisdom and love talking in this post. Except for the part where you said you don't accomplish much in a week. Shaping the lives of the people God has entrusted to you is pretty huge. Hugs- you're a fabulous mommy.