Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There Will Always Be Cozymel's

Yesterday was crazy. Which is why I haven't been around much.

But crazy in a good way.

Now, I truly don't like it . . . at all . . . very much . . . when people use their blogs to recap their days, so I won't do that here. Too much. Except to say that I made meals for three families yesterday--ours included--and stood on my feet cooking all day.

But it was fun because I knew the people I would be feeding would be blessed, plus I kind of enjoy standing on my feet all day. Not really.

And I also don't like it when people use their blogs to tell everyone what they had for dinner because, really, who cares? Unless there's a recipe I can use accompanying said useless information. But, here again, I have to break my own don't-ever-do-that rule and tell you what I cooked yesterday.

Here you go:

Three corn casseroles. Three green bean casseroles. Three loaves of Honey Whole Wheat bread that was just about the best thing I've EVER made. One pork roast with roasted potatoes. And I heated up one Beef Brisket that I had made on Saturday. Oh, and for dessert, Pumpkin Squares because they are oh-so-easy and, well, yum.

So by the time I finished all that cooking and running around delivering meals (while running kids hither and yon all afternoon) I was pretty tired. I almost (almost) didn't feel like eating dinner, but that warm bread was calling my name. And who can turn down brisket? Mmmmm.

But the best part of my day was ahead of me as a few friends and I had made arrangements to get together at Cozymel's. You know what Cozymel's does really well, don't you? (wink wink)

Our group turned out to be half as big as it was originally going to be--four of the eight of us begged off at the last minute, which was kind of disappointing. These are friends I don't see nearly as often as I used to, and I was really looking forward to getting caught up with them. Still, it was great to get together with the other three who showed up.

As we sat together, sipping some frozen yumminess, getting caught up with each others' lives and kids, we started reminiscing about how we all met.

"You and I met when our kids were in kindergarten together." They're sophomores in high school now.

"Oh, I met you when you moved here--your oldest daughter was in my son's first grade class!" They're seniors in high school now.

Three of us have seniors in high school. Three of us also have sophomores. We have been "Hawthorne Moms" for more years than I care to count, and even though some of us don't have kids at our wonderful elementary school anymore, we stil consider ourselves "Hawthorne Moms."

I also thought about the many twists and turns our lives have taken. All of us have been through some pretty hard things over the years, some much harder than others. I wondered what might be ahead for us.

But one thing I knew, as I sat there with my friends . . . whatever happens in the future, we'll be there for one another. Maybe we won't see each other as often as we'd like to, but we'll definitely make it a priority to get together a couple of times a year. We'll still be enjoying Margaritas together, sharing lots of laughs, reflecting on our kids' years at Hawthorne, and supporting one another through life's tough battles.

We'll always be "Hawthorne Moms," and there will always be Cozymel's.


  1. Waaaaah - so sorry to miss it. So I'm trying to put faces to who was there - L, C, N - yes? Will catch it next time for sure. Love you all and really don't see you enough!

  2. Nope, it was C, S, and N. We missed you, SOR. We'll have to try to get everyone together sometime soon.

  3. Sounds like a nice night. And I'll forgive your reciting of the dinner menu since it included brisket. :)

    Interesting that you don't like people's day recaps. When I did my blog survey a while back, so many people said they love it when I do that. So I've tried to do it more, but it just doesn't come naturally. So, secretly (or not so much), I'm glad to hear that kind of post is NOT someone's favorite!

  4. You'll always be a Hawthorne Mom to me, Shelly!

  5. Awwww...that was a sweet ending to a busy day. Here's to good, dependable friends!

  6. Isn't it wonderful to have girlfriends to who you can share your life with and who actually understand your crazy life? I love spending time with mine. It makes life just a little more pleasant. Glad you got to have a good time!

  7. it is ok to reflect on your day and your food especially when it is filled with emotion and great memories! What good is a blog if you can't put it all out there!!!