Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Week of Thankfulness - Day 2

One day I was surfing. The net. And I came across a sermon I thought I'd want to hear.

So I clicked on the video link and started watching. Out came the pastor in his jeans and flannel shirt. He stood in front of a music stand with his Bible, I think. He started to tell a story . . . something that had happened at his home that week.

I waited for the message to turn to the Bible. And I waited. And I waited some more.

For a full 10 minutes I listened to this pastor rattle on about something completely insignificant before I had had enough. I clicked off the video.

He never opened his Bible.

And I realized, once again, what a special place our church is. It shouldn't be, really, because you'd think that every Christian church in America would place a high priority on preaching God's word. But they don't. Not all of them.

So today I am thankful for my church.

I started attending this church waaaaay back when I was a freshman in college. 1981. I was drawn to it for many reasons, but one that comes to mind immediately was its commitment to the Word of God. Every sermon for the past 28 years that I've been attending there has been centered completely around the Word. There is no mistaking what our church is all about, and I'm glad about that.

Yes, some people think it's dry. Some have left because they think it's just too boring. Some think it's too hard to understand. But to me, there is nothing more important that being fed a rich diet of the Bible. I have learned more, grown more, come to understand more about who God is just because of this commitment to the Word.

There are other things I love about my church. Their commitment to missions. Their commitment to the poor. Their commitment to plant churches.

But when it comes down to it, my thinking about all the rest of that stuff comes out of hearing God's word preached week after week. And so, I am blessed. And I am thankful.


  1. My church preaches from the Word, too, and I'm so thankful! Good reminder not to take things for granted, Shelly!

  2. Amen! I love a woman who loves a Bible preaching church! My husband is a pastor and it always saddens me when someone leaves our church (where he preaches very biblical messages each week) to go to a church that "explores human issues." However, interestingly many of them eventually come back. I guess you can only take so much pablum.

    I'll continue to check out your blog. Blessings to you!

  3. Amen sister! Happy was the day we finally found our church 19 years ago. Word of God, no compromise. And for that we are truly thankful too!