Friday, November 27, 2009

A Week of Thankfulness - Day 5

Today's post might seem a little silly to you, especially if you're not a blogger, but over the past year I have become increasingly grateful for my little corner of cyberspace. I know, I know, it sounds strange even writing it, but hear me out.

Over the past year I have gotten emails from people I have never met who have told me that I've encouraged them in some way. Me? Encouraged someone? What a kick!

Over the past year I've met some people I never thought I would meet. People like my friend, Lysa, who has encouraged me so much in my faith and who has encouraged me to dream big dreams. People like Jo-Lynne and Tina who help me see what a blog can really become. And people like Sandy who has suffered a great deal and still has a wonderful heart for God.

I hope, hope, HOPE I get to meet more bloggers next year.

Best of all, my faith has grown tremendously in the year and a half or so since I've started reading the blogs of others. There is an incredible community of women (and men) out there who are passionate about their faith and who write about it so that others can be encouraged too. I cannot believe how much I've benefitted from being a part of that community.

I am thankful for the creative outlet that this blog has given me. For years I've had these rambling thoughts rolling around in my head. Sometimes silly, sometimes profound. But others in my life knew I needed an outlet--a way to be heard. I am so grateful to my mom who one day said to me, "You need to start a blog." And for Kate who followed that up a few months later with, "Mom, you really need a blog." And then for B who surprised me with a laptop for my birthday a couple of years ago--his way of saying, "Now get to work."

Since I've been writing this crazy little blog I have felt more like "me" than I ever have. It's like the piece of me that had been missing. The creative piece.

Finally, I am most thankful for each of you who pop in for a few minutes every day, read the sometimes silly, rarely profound, things I'm thinking about, and go on your way. Changed just a little, I hope. You cannot know what it means to me to have someone stop me and say, "I read your blog today." Wow. Humbling doesn't even begin to express it. (Embarrassing might be more like it.)

I have no idea what will happen in the year ahead, but you can be sure that I'll still be here, clicking away on these keys, and letting you know all the crazy ramblings that are in my head. Thank you for indulging me with your presence every day.


  1. It is always so exciting to be introduced to parts of yourself that you didn't know existed! I'm glad you met the writing part of you!

  2. Well, I don't make it by every day, but I have enjoyed your week of thankfulness.

    Have a good rest of the weekend.

  3. I am just so blessed to come upon your blog tonight! It spoke to me. I look forward to "visiting" with you again!

  4. I was just able to read your week of thankfulness. I'm thankful to have reconnected with you and to be able to learn a little more about you almost every day.

  5. You are a good encourager Shelly.

    It's very cool the way blogging creates unlikely friendships and breaks down those barriers that might preclude friendships in real life. And then it's even more cool when you become "in real life" friends like we have. I treasure your friendship.

  6. Yep, blogging is an amazing community, no doubt about it!