Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So last night I'm heading to bed, and I pop down to the basement to say goodnight to Abby who was watching "Home Alone 2." You know, the one where Kevin gets lost in New York City and meets a lady who feeds birds in some bell tower in a church. Or something like that.

Those "Home Alone" movies . . . such a great combination of ingenious cruelty and physical humor. I kind of enjoy them in a funny, sick sort of way.

So while I was saying goodnight, Abby asked if I wanted to watch the movie with her for a while. Are you kidding me? She could have been watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I would have plopped myself in that chair. Of course, my sweet, conservative Abby would never watch "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" but that's not the point. The point is that if your teenager ever asks you to watch a movie with them you do it. Because you just don't know how long it might be until you get that opportunity again.

It was near the end of the movie, so I only got about 15 minutes alone with my daughter, but that's O.K. It was a great 15 minutes.

And then I finally made my way up to bed. Which was when I got really excited because I realized it was a trifecta night.

I can't even believe I'm telling you this because it's so silly, but when I was in college my friends and I made up our "trifecta." For me, there is no other. It's when you hit sleeping perfection because you have 1) clean sheets, 2) shaved legs, and 3) clean pajamas.

It doesn't happen that often that all three hit at the same time, but when it does . . . ahhhhh, perfection. And I know that I'll have the best night's sleep ever.

And I did.

Have you ever hit that trifecta? Have you ever noticed when you have clean sheets, shaved legs, and clean pajamas you just sleep better? Go ahead, try it sometime and let me know how it goes.

Unless you're one of the two guys who read my blog. Then don't bother with this trifecta. That would be weird.

There are other types of trifectas you could try. Like the pizza, beer, and ice cream trifecta. Perfect in every way and leaves you with a perfect case of heartburn too. That's what I'd call a "guy trifecta."

I guess you could say a trifecta is a perfect storm. When certain conditions come together to create the same result every time. It might be a sweet night of sleep. Or it could be heartburn.

So I'm curious . . . do you have a trifecta? What's your "perfect storm"?


  1. Saturday night: clean house, good food, and a movie.

  2. Ah yes. House clean, laundry done, grocery shopping done. Seldom happens though!

  3. I LOVE sleeping on clean sheets with shaved legs! I can't even tell you the last time that happened, though! :)

    And I like Sheroll's trifecta, too, even though it's even more rare than yours.

    I'd say a trifecta for me these days would be good friends, good food and an overnight babysitter!

  4. Those are all great ones, ladies! Sheroll, I'm going to remember that one--I can't even remember the last time it happened here.

  5. Love it! Yes, I had that trifecta Saturday night and yes, though I didn't know to call it that, I've always celebrated that very threesome. But even better is when you throw in a fourth element - a shower or bath before bed! I usually shower only in the morning, but if I have clean sheets and clean pjs, I always clean up my body before slipping into them! Ooohh!

    And I also identify with your time with Abby. I have my own teenage Abby and just got home from a relatively smooth shopping trip with her. Bliss. And you're right, you have to grab those moments when they're offered to you.

    Wonderful reflections Shelly!

  6. Ooooh, Kay, you're right about getting squeaky clean before jumping into those clean sheets. Funny what pleases us women, isn't it?!

    Glad you had a good time with your "Abby"!

  7. I could use a trifecta right now! I would even take a TRYfecta any attempt at having three things work out well would be fabulous!!!

  8. Shelly - you are hilarious!! I love it. I honestly don't think I have EVER had the trifecta...maybe it's because each of those three things are so rare for me, the chance of them all happening on the same night is like one in a million. LOVE IT!