Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to My New Home

Don't click away! You are in the right place. This is still "Life on the Wild Side" but in a new and improved variety.

I got a little tired of the blizzard of pink and green, and I've been thinking about redesigning my blog for a while now. I finally found Darcy who is a great designer and who did a wonderful job here.

For the most part everyone around here loves it, although one-who-shall-remain-nameless thinks it looks like Christmas. Can I help it that green and red are two of my favorite colors?

But my favorite comment about the new blog design came from Maggie who said, "It looks like you live in a lake house." Which I love because, yes, the design is simple--that's how I wanted it--and I think it's calming. Which is exactly what a lake house should be--simple and calming.

So, I guess I should say welcome to my lake house. I hope you'll stay a while.



  1. Love it too! It looks like you!

  2. I do like it! I go back and forth between simple and not so simple on my blog...depends on my mood! Congrats on the make over! Super fun!

  3. Good for you - I've been thinking about a new look for 18 months and still just thinking about it. I like simple alot - mainly because it loads quickly. Truth be told, I go to blogs to read the posts, not look at the layout. Too much layout distracts from the essence. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Shelly, I love the new design, not that I didn't like the old one! I'm working on getting my redesigned also and I think I'll keep your simple approach in mind. Love it!

  5. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the encouragement--you know how we women tend to overthink stuff like this!

  6. Oh, I love the new look! (I loved it before, too!) This is so clean and easy to read with the size font and colors of letters and background! It's really nice and friendly to our eyes when reading! :-)