Friday, January 15, 2010

Costa Rican Update

I haven't updated you on our Costa Rican visitors for a few days, so just in case you're interested (and even if you're not) here are a few more things I've learned.

1. Costa Ricans don't use brown paper bags for lunches. In fact, when I suggested that they take a piece of fruit and a yogurt to supplement their lunch (which apparently is gross--what school lunch isn't?), they just looked confused. Finally, one of my girls went to the pantry and got out a simple brown lunch bag to show them what we were talking about. The Costa Rican girls started laughing hysterically, telling us that they thought brown bags were only used on television but that nobody used them in real life.

We're finding even the small differences hilarious around here.

2. Apparently American teenage boys are kinda cute. And that's all I have to say about that.

3. I overheard one of the CR girls telling one of my girls the other night, "You guys don't yell at each other like we do. We're like Italians, always yelling at each other, but you guys don't do that." I really would have liked to see the look on my daughter's face when she heard that one.

4. Yesterday they were treated to the treasure-trove that is Target. (Alliteration much?) We tried to explain what was in store for them: "They have everything." "Yes, really, pretty much anything you want to buy, you can find it there." "We get everything from electronics to soap to underwear at Target."

By the time they left the house, I think they were scared to death.

5. They like the early "American Idol" shows as much as we do. We had a great time together the other night, watching the premiere of "AI." I don't think I'll soon forget the CR girls trying to imitate Victoria Beckham. Hilarious.

6. I'm learning that I'm going to miss those girls when it's finally time for them to head back to Costa Rica. I feel like I've gained two more daughters, and I kind of like it. Sure, the house is much busier than usual, the noise level has been increased substantially, and I have to cook a lot more than I usually do, but it's all been so good. For everyone.

So that's the Costa Rican update. All four teenagers are going on a retreat with our church this weekend. I'm sure they'll have lots of stories to tell when they get home.

Me? I'm going to spend the weekend on the couch, NOT cooking.

So now I'd really like to know, what are your weekend plans?



  1. All boys from any country, other than the one you are from, are cute.

    Enough said.

  2. Ha ha! Linda, that's so true! :)-

    So glad you're having so much fun with the girls!

    This weekend I am looking forward to spending time with Shannon and her little punk. The rest of the time, I will be obsessing about how to furnish my currently empty, cavernous living room and dining room.

    And shopping at Target for everything but the furniture. :)

  3. You girls are funny. Hey, Jodi, Target has furniture.

  4. Hee Hee Hee! Have a great weekend Shelly and do a little recouping. Love the tidbits you share with us about these girls (and your own). Gotta love Target!