Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How'd I Let This One Slip By?

Look at that face.

Isn't that just the face any mother would love?

Doesn't she just look so innocent?

She's fun and funny and lets us have our way with her. (Sometimes.)

She even loves to hold our hands . . . or feet . . . or legs. Whatever's close by, she likes to touch us.

But don't let that innocent look fool you. Underneath that sweet veneer lies the heart of an adventurer.

Apparently yesterday her sense of adventure took over, and she thought she'd explore our neighborhood.

Funny thing is, I didn't even know she was missing . . . for THREE HOURS!

. . . until I got a phone call while standing in American Eagle with Maggie.

"Hey, Shelly. It's Amy. Is Thunder at home?"


These are words I never want to hear. Especially when I'm not home.

Thank goodness for Amy. What would I ever do without her? She rounded up my dog from a neighbor's house, got her key to my house, and brought that wayward beast back home.

Where she belongs.

And where she will surely stay for a good, long time.



  1. Awwww...the same thing happened with my pup last night...she was in the street and a man was knocking on our door to tell us. Dogs always seem to find the one small place where they can get thru a fence!
    Glad Thunder is safe at home...why would he ever want to be anywhere else?????

  2. Ahh, sweet doggie. Why do everyone else's pets always seem so sweet and my own seem so needy, whiney, and bothersome. I'm going to go pet my doggies right now in honor of your sweet post!

  3. This reminded me of my sister's black lab. The neighbor called and
    said your dog is in our garbage!
    My sister told her it couldn't be her dog. My sisters dog never gets
    out to run around the neighborhood.
    My sister then went to check on
    her dog. Yup, she was looking at my sister from the back door with a
    potatoe chip box around her neck!

  4. Oh how funny! And sweet!
    Right now....my family is hurting over our beloved black lab Maggie.
    She has been with us for over 9 years and is dying.
    She's been blind for almost 2 years and has had the sweetest attitude and spirit about it.
    Just this week, her kidneys have started to shut down. She cannot get up or move.....which is pretty horrible for us.

    She's been a great dog!