Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've Got Issues

Winter weather leaves me with some serious issues. Here are just a few.

- My lips are chapped.

- My fingernails keep breaking.

- My feet are chaffing.

- My nose has flakes of skin on the end of it that I am so afraid people will mistake for boogers.

- My hair is lifeless (not sure what that means, but the Pantene people would like me to think that).

- I'm itchy all over.

So what are your issues today?



  1. Sounds like you need a nice cup of tea and perhaps a couple of scones with Devonshire cream. That's what makes winter just a bit more enjoyable, don't you think?

    Hmmm. My issues. Well, my hands are dry and kind of cracking, even though I keep putting this greasy Burt's Bees hand balm on them every night. And, of course, my first-time pedicure back in the summer has worn off, so the calluses are back on my heels. Aside from that, things are pretty good. :-)

  2. Julie, I think you need another pedicure. Just sayin' . . .

  3. Here, here. I've experienced all of those! My other issue is that this weather plays havoc with my schedule. I have to go for my walk in the middle of the day now because it's way to cold and dark in the morning and way to cold and dark in the afternoon. Plus I always forget to take an afternoon walk, conveniently sometimes I admit. But this mid day walk really messes me up.

  4. I'm dealing with at least three (if not more) of these things, too. And it's not nearly as cold here as it is there.

    So sorry, my friend. Sure makes that tropical island look inviting, doesn't it?

  5. Come on, Kay! Get walking! I walked three miles with my dog yesterday at 8 a.m., and it was 17 degrees. And I was sweating! I guess you get used to it.

    So, Angie, are you going to share which three you are dealing with? Nose flakes, perhaps??

  6. It's not as cold here, but the kids still need to wear coats. My issue is I can't get their car seats buckled when they've got those big jackets on!

  7. Well, I definitely have the chapped lips and breaking nails. I don't think I'm outside long enough to have the nose issue:-) I guess my other one is that I hate a dirty car and mine is FILTHY and it's too cold to get it washed:-(

  8. I sympathize with the car seat issue, Linnea. That was hard.

    And, dms, I hate the dirty car too. Especially later, like February, when the floor mats are constantly wet and slushy. Gross.

  9. I go through the same thing during the winter! I can't wait for Spring!

  10. Ditto on 1,2,5,6. And I'm in Florida! (roll of eyes, I know) : )